Lab Exam 2

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Question Answer
EMB (Eyocine Methylene Blue)differential medium
Blood Agarenriched medium for organisms that can break down red blood cells
Nutrient Agarbasic agar; grows everything (control)
Cyaninblue color
Hemolyisorganisms that have a need for the hemoglobin of cell; eat red blood cells
Complete hemolysisbeta; clear
Incomplete hemolysisalpha; green
No Hemolysisgamma; no taking of hemoglobin
Amylasebreaks down starch in starch plate
Iodine + Starch=black
PR (Phenol Red)pH indicator
Neutral pH with PhenolRed colored
Acidic pH with PhenolYellow colored with gas (bubbles)
Durham Tubetraps gas in test tube
No gas/ No acidorganism metabolized only peptone
Methyl Redacid; Citrate Test
AcetoinCitrate Test
pH indicator in Citrate TestBromthymol blue (green-> blue)
Selective Mediainhibits growth of all but one certain bacteria
E Colicoliform bacteria
E Coli with differential mediaturns metallic green
Occurs on Blood Agarzone of inhibition
Differential Mediacolors colony or surrounding
Biochemical testsmeasure of metabolic activity
FermentationPhenol Red; Durham tube; Acid & gas
Acid =red ----> yellow
Citrate (sugar) TestGreen; Bromthymol Blue (pH); Acid= blue
MRVPMethyl Red Voges Proskauer
MRVP brothyellow
MR (+)red ring
VP (+)red ring
VP makesAcetoin
Starch iodine (+)purple-brown
Protein metabolism(amino acids) proteins break down --> makes Urea--> Urea makes ammonia (hot pink)
Ureaphenol red; alkaline reaction; peachy orange color ---> (+) hot pink
Indole is produced whentryptophan is broken down enzymatically
Indole is detected withKovac's ---> (+) red ring
Motility(+) cloudy along stab line; tornado-like pattern
H2Speptone iron agar; Sulfate and Nitrogen
(h2s) Sulfate + Nitrogenbreaking down sulfur containing amino acid
Iron + Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)=black precipitant
TSITriple Sugar Iron; acid and/or gas; H2S
SIMSulfur (h2s) Indole (Kovac's) Motility;
Enterotubegram negative interric organisms; 14 tests
SIM mediumdetermines whether indole or H2S are produced, and motility