Lab Exam 1

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Section 1

Question Answer
Follicule stimulating hormonestimulates the follicle to secret estrogen and oocyte development
Antidiuretic hormonecauses the kidneys to conserve water
Growth hormonestimulates cells to increase in size and divide more rapidly
Luteinizing hormoneessential for oocyte release from the ovary
Thyroid stimulating hormonestimulates secretion from the thyroid gland
Oxytocincauses contraction of the uterine wall muscles
Adrenocorticotropic hormonestimluates secretion from the adrenal cortex
Prolactinstimulates milk production
Hormones that affect metabolic ratethyroxine, triiodothyronine
Hormone secreted by the thyroid that acts to lower blood calciumcalcitonin
Hormone that acts to raise blood calciumparathyroid hormone
Three target organs of parathyroid hormonekidneys, skeleton, intestines
ACTH produced byanterior pituitary
ADH produced by posterior pituitary
Aldosterone produced by Adrenal cortex
Cortisol produced by Adrenal cortex
Epinephrine produced by Andreal medulla
FSH produced by anterior pituitary
Glucagon produced by pancreas
Insulin produced by pancreas
LH produced by anterior pituitary
Melatonin produced by pineal
Progesterone produced by Ovary
Prolactin produced by Anterior pituitary
PTH produced by parathyroid gland
Growth hormone produced by Anterior pituitary
Testosterone produced by testes
Thymosin produced by thymus
TSH produced by anterior pituitary
Thyroxine produced by thyroid

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