Lab Equipment Review

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Question Answer
Ring Stand(foundation) supports lab equipment
Ring Clampattaches to ring stand and supports beakers, flasks etc.
Wire Gauzeused as a platform for heating (rests on top of ring clamp to hold glassware above burner)
Bunsen Burner control the amount of flame
Beakerused to hold, mix and pour liquds
Erlenmeyer Flaskswirling and holding liquids; seal with cork to hold contents inside
Test Tubeused to store and mix chemicals
Test tube rackholds test tubes
Test tube Clampattaches to ring stand to support equipment
Test tube holderholds hot test tubes
Thermometermeasures temperature
Tongs (Beaker)move hot equipment/glassware; transfer
Tweezer Tongsused to pick up smaller objects
Balancemeasures mass in grams (g)
Scoopulaused to scoop, stir, or mix
Wire brushcleans equipment
Graduated cylinder(s)measures liquids in mL; volume
Crucible & coverused to heat small amounts of liquid
Evaporating Dishused to heat and evaporate liquids
Watch Glassplaced over an evaporating dish to view reactions occuring inside