Lab 1 test

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in a G+ stain what turns purplepeptoglycin
in a G- stain what turns pinklipid and peptoglycin
what stain repelles the cell negative stain / acidic stain
what stain adhers to the cellpositive stain or basic stain
what is the protien coveringkeratin
Acid fast is for what for genes mycobactirium when positive AF+ is pink. AF- is blue
what is colored in an acid fastthe wax covering mycolic acid, instead of peptoglycin cell wall
how mant cells in a prokaryoteunicellular single circular
how many cells in a eukeryotemulticellular, linear
how do prokaryotes do cell division(asexual) binary fission and budding, fragmintation
how do eukaryotes do cell divisionmitosis and meosis
what euk cell division is asexualmitosis
what euk cell division is sexualmeosis
what euk cells are Chemohetrotrophprotista, fungi, animalia
what euk cells are photoautotrophs protista and plantae
what euk cell has no cell wallanimalia and protista-protazoa
what euk cell has chitin as a cell wallfungi
what euk cell has cellulose as a cell wallplantae and protista-algea
what cell wall doe bacteria havepeptoglycin
what cell wall does archaea havenon-peptoglycin or no cell walls
what charictoristics do archaea havethermophilia, halophilia, methanagens
what is thermophileextreme heat loving
what does halophille meanextreme salt loving
what is flagellaleg like structures that premote motility
what is ciliahair like structure that helps cell glide across other structures
what charictoristic does plantia havephotosynthisis
what charictoristic does fungi havenutient recycler and decomposer
what is cytoplamsic streamingameboid motion
what cell type has ameboiud motionproytazoa
what is a psudopod and what cell has itfake feet - protazoa
what is virulanceability to cause disease
what is a capuleextra or superficial to cell wall
what is reflectionwaves bounce off object (white, all waves reflect) (black- no waves reflect)
absorbtionwaves are trapped by object, light energy absorbs light, heat is created
refracted(bent)waves bend as they pass through object or medium
transmission waves pass through object
lihgt microscope resolution power is what.2 micrometer
whay is ymmicrometer 1/1,000,000 (millionth)
what is nmnanometer 1/1,000,000,000 (trilianth)
what is pmpicometer 1/1,000,000,000,000 (billionth)
what is the measument difference between the dm, cm, mm, ym, nm, pmm-dc=10, dc-cm=10x10, cm-mm=10*100, mm-ym=100*1000, ym-nm=1000*1000000, nm-pm=1000000*1000000000
human eye resolution power02mm
electron microscope resolving power10nm
what is SEMscanning electron microscope
what tis TEM transmission electron microscope

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