L2RL Chapter 4 Vocabulary

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Question Answer
causacausae f. reason, cause; case
gloriagloriae f. renown, glory
invidiainvidiae f. envy, jealousy; ill-will, resentment
sententiasententiae f. thought, feeling; opinion
altumalti n. deep sea; height
auxiliumauxilii n. aid help
auxiliaauxilorum auxiliary, troops
caelumcaeli, heaven
sociussocii m. ally, comrade
agoagere, egi, actus drive; do, spend, conduct
causam agere(idiom) to conduct or plead a case
canocanere, cecini, cantus sing (of)
capiocapere, cepi, captus take (up), capture; win
consilium capere(idiom) to form a plan
dicodicere, dixi, dictus say, speak, tell
ducoducere, duxi, ductus lead; consider
faciofacere, feci, factus make; do
gerogerere, gessi, guests bear,manage, conduct; perform
bellum gerere(idiom) to wage war
mittomittere, misi, missus send
ponoponere, posui, positus put, place; set aside
regoregere, rexi, rectus rule, control
scriboscribere, scripsi, scriptus write
audioaudire, audivi, audits hear, listen (to)
sentiosentire, sensi, sensus, perceive; feel
veniovenire, veni, ventum come
egomei (personal pron.) I;me
nosnostrum/nostri (personal pron.) we; us
tutui (personal pron.) you
vosvestrum/vestri (personal pron.) you (pl.) (y'all)
isea, id (demonstr. adj.) this, that; these, those; as a 3rd-person pro., he, she, it; they; him, her, it; them
altusalta, altum tall, high, deep
clarusclara, clarum bright, clear famous
cupiduscupida, cupidum, desirous (+gen.)
decem(indeclinable adj.) ten
meusmea, meum my mine
nosternostra, nostrum our, ours
sociussocia, socium allied
tuustua, tuum your, yours
validusvalida, validum strong, healthy
vestervestra, vestrum your (pl.) (y'all), yours (pl.) (y'alls)
equidem(adv.) indeed, certainly; for my part
per(prep. +acc.) through
quidem(adv.) indeed, certainly; at least
ne...equidemnot even