L24 - Immunology

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During maturation, why is the entire VhDJh gene moved closer to a C gene?To allow the B-cell to secrete soluble IgG antibodies
During cell mediated immunity, cytoplasmic proteins are digested and linked to what?MHC-I complexes
How is Cytoxic and helper T cell receptors generated=Through a similar process to that used to generate antibodies
When the MHC-I on Cytotoxic T Cell receptors recognises peptides, what happens?The Cytotoxic cell starts a process, which can result in the target cells apoptosis
The peptides which bind to B-cell antibodies are presented by what complex?MCH-II complex
How does T cells learn the difference between "self" and "non self"?Positive test (against MHC -I and -II) and negative selection (against self peptides).