L20 - Protein Degradation and gelelectrophoresis

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Question Answer
What is "turned over" in terms of proteins?Turned over, means that proteins are contunually synthesised and degraded.
Which proteins bind ubiquitin to another protein? How, and why?Proteins E1, E2 and E3 covalently bind ubiquitin and another protein together - Ubiquitin allows the protein to be degraded.
Specificity of degradation comes from which enzyme group/family?E3
What is turnover rate determined by?Amino acid sequences (degrons) and by N-terminal degron.
The protein that degrades ubiqutinated proteins, is..the 26s proteasome
Which regulatory unit needs ATP to act?19S regulatory unit
Which unit does not require ATP to regulate?20S
What happens to non recycled amino acids?Nitrogen is removed as Urea, and the carbon skeletonis used in the metabolic process.
Gel electrophoresis separates proteins by..Their molecular weight or their isoelectric point or both