L19 - Protein Modification and regulation

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Protein activity can be regulated by over..200 different covalent modifications
To turn proteins on and off..Kinases and phosphatases add/removes phosphate
Another way to turn proteins off or onis binding of ligand
How does digestive enzymes regulate biochemical processes irreversible?By proteolytic cleavage
What does enteropeptidase do?It activates trypsin, which then activates other peptidases
There are two types of kinases, which modify two (3) amino acids. Which amino acids do they modify?Serine/threonine or tyrosine
What does intrinsic and extrinsic cascades do?They amplify eachother, which leads to blood clotting.
An specific enzyme must bind to blood platelets to be activated. Which? Thrombin
How can one prevent thrombin binding?By blocking the regeneration of vitamin K.

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