L14 - Exploring evolution and bioinformatics

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What is an homolog?A protein that has similarities in function and structure, as another protein.
What does identity mean?It means, that the two proteins has to be the same.
What does similarity mean?Amino acid A has similar features as amino acid B
What is an paralog?It is homologs, but present in the same species.
Which animal is the closest relative to ours, without tetrameric hemoglobin in its blood?The lamprey
What does a high score on the Blosum-62 amino acid matrix mean?High scores implicate, that the amino acids can be used almost interchangeably, without causing to much damage to function.
What would be the result be of shuffling and scoring mRNA or DNA gene sequences?They would be poor, because shuffling does not work well with RNA or DNA
If Protein A is homologous with B, and B is homologous with C, can we deduce that A must therefore be homologous with C? Yes
What does convergent evolution mean?Organisms came up with two solutions functioning in a similar way, but the path to this function were different for each organism.
Angiogenin and ribonuclease were described as 35% identical. Are they related?Yes, if the sequence is more than 100 aminoacids and above 25%.

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