L13 - Control of gene expression in eukaryotes

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Question Answer
Can eukaryotic transcription be regulated at the posttranscriptional level?Yes, just like in prokaryotic cells.
What does iron respons upstream do?It blocks transcription of ferritin
What does iron respons downstream do?It can stablise the mRNA for transferrin
miRNAs and siRNAs are highly..conserved non-coding RNA molecules
miRNA is transcribed and processed in .... but can also the same way as a normal gene, but can also be derived from introns.
miRNA are cut by.. and loading into argonaute where they direct the specificity of.... by .....Dicer - of the RISC inhibition of translation - imperfect base pairings
siRNAs are cut by.. out of long...and loaded into argonaute 2, where they direct the specificity of the..Dicer - double stranded RNA sequences - RISC slicing of mRNA by perfect base pairing
siRNA participate in.. and can affect..RNA interference and can affect chromatin structure
miRNAs and siRNAs are also involved in..many human diseases

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