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This page helps you learn Basic Facts of KRLA.

KRLA Basic Facts 1-100

Question Answer
Land of sandal forest’ in Kerala Marayur
In which district is Chinnar sanctuary Idukky
The hill ditricts in Kerala Idukky, Wayanad
Where is Ulloor Memorial Jagathy (Tvpm)
In which district is Thunchan MemorialMalappuram
Kunchan Nambiar Memorial is situated atAmbalappuzha
The temple with woman priest Mannarassala
Boat race related to Amabalappuzha templeChambakkulam
Boat race related to Harippad temple Payippat
temple is famous for the worship of SnakesMannarassala
Which temple is known as ‘the Palani of Kerala’Harippad
Which is known as ‘bird village in Kerala’Nooranad
Who called Alappuzha ‘Venice of the East’ for the first time Lord Curzon
An ancient Buddhist centre in Alapuzha distirictSrimulavasam
The place where Parthasarathy Temple is situ-ated Aranmula
The temple known as ‘Dakshina Mookambi’Panchikkad
Wagon Tragedy Memorial Hall is situated at Tirur
Changampuzha memorial is situated atEdappally
Kondoty, where Moyinkutty Vaidyar Memorial is situated is in the district ofMalappuram
P Kunjiraman Nair memorial is at Kollengode
Muloor S Padamanabha Panikker memorial is atIlavumthitta
Murajapam in Padmanabha Swami Temple is held every 6 years
The radio station in Travancore started functioning in 1943
The place in Thiruvananthapuram district from where Graphite ore is obtainedVellanad
The district that is the largest producer of Tapioca Thiruvananthapuram
In which district is Ponmudi hill stationThiruvananthapuram
The MC Road and NH 47 meet atKesavadasapuram
Where is Papanasam beach Varkala
During the period of Swati Tirunal, the HajurKacheri (Secretariat) of Travancore was shifted to Thiruvananthapuram from Kollam
Ceramic Factory in Kerala is situated at Kundara
M.C.Road connects Thiruvananthapuram and Angamali
The king who shifted the capital of Travancore from Padmanabhapuram to Thiruvanananthapuram Dharma Raja
In 1869, a new secretariat building was con-structed in Thiruvananthapuram during the reignof Ayilyam Tirunal under the supervision of DewanT.MadhavaRao
In 1888, the legislative council in Travancorestarted functioning atThiruvananthapuram
The Kollam - Kottappuram strech of West CoastCanal is known as National Waterway-3
The place in Kerala where China clay is abun-dant Kundara
The seat of Ilayidathu swaroopam in Travancorehistory was Kottarakkara
Vallikkavu, where the Ashram of Amritanandamayiis situated is in the district of Kollam
Which of the following place in Kerala is famous for cashew industryKollam
The famous statue in front of the Govt. Secretariat,Thiruvananthapuram from which the name ‘StatueJunction’ is evolved, is that of T Madhava Rao
The southernmost taluk in Kerala Neyyatinkara
Where is Lakshmi Bhai College ofPhysical Edu-cation Karyavattom
In which district is Neyyar Wild Life SanctuaryThiruvananthapuram
The highest peak in Thiruvananthapuram districtAgasthyamala
In which distict the Shendurney wild life sanctu-ary is situated Kollam
The Alapuzha district was formed in 1957 mainlyby the bifurcation of Kollam
Neendakara Azhi connects ...... and Arabian seaAshtamudi lake
MN Govindan Nair started One Lakh HousingScheme at Chithara
The place where Duryodhana Temple is situatedin Kollam district Malanada
The district with least coastline Kollam
The seat of Ilayidathu swaroopam in Travancorehistory was Kottarakkara
The only district in South Kerala without coast-line Pathanamthitta
Which boat race is known as ‘Pooram in Water’Aranmula boat race
Which was the capital of the kingdom ofChempakassery Ambalappuzha
An area in Kerala which is situated below sealevel Kuttanad
Karumadikkuttan a statue obtained from Alappuzha district is believed to berelated toBuddhism
Where is Chinnakkada ground situated Kollam
The substance used to make Aranmula mirrorMetal
The place where ‘Chilanthi temple’ situated inPathanamthitta districtKodumon
Mannadi, the place where Velu Thampy Dalawacommitted suicide is in the districtofPathanamthitta
The season of Sabarimala pilgrimage November- January
In which monthMaramon Convention is conducted on the banks of Pamba February
Thonnakkal in Thiruvananthapuram district is famous for the memorial ofKumaranasan
Sahodaran Ayyappan memorial is at Idappally
Where is Kunjan Memorial in Palghat distric Lakkadi
Whose memorial is situated at Kotayi in Palakkadistrict Chembai VaidhyanathaBhagavatha
What is known as ‘Dakshina Nalanda’ Kanthallur Sala
The area known as the ‘granary of Travancorewhich is now in Kanyakumaridistrict Nanjinad
Birth place of Saktibhadra, the author of‘Ascharyachoodamani’ Kodumon
The birth place of Chattampi Swamikal Kannammoola
Padayani is the folk arts form of the district of Pathanamthitta
The only railway station in Pathanamthitta district Thiruvalla
The boat race which held on the second Saturday of August every year NehruTrophy
Thycal, where remains of of an ancient ship obtained is in the district of Alappuzha
The area in Kerala that receives least rain fal Chinnar
The island formed after the dredging activities othe Cochin port Wellington
The place related to AthachamayamThrikkakkaraIn which district Nedumbassery air port is situated Ernakulam
In which district is Brahmapuram diesel projectErnakulam
The headquarters of the Dutch territories inKerala during the colonial regime was Kochi
In which district is Kodanad elephant training centre Ernakulam
The only major port in Kerala Kochi
The port in Kerala which was developed by Robert Bristo into a major portKochi
In which district is Bhutathankettu Ernakulam
In which district is Mangalavanam sanctuary situated Ernakulam
Nehru Trophy Boat race is in Punnamada
The church where Vasco da Gama was buried at KochiSt.Francis Church
The place in Kerala where St.Thomas landed in AD52 Malyankara
The International Stadium at Kaloor in Ernakulamdistrict is named after Jawaharlal Nehru
Aluva in Ernakulam is famous for celebrationSivarathri
The place known as the ‘Gateway to high rangeKothamangalam
Which is known as ‘the green lungs of Kochi’Mangalavanam
In which district is Mooriyad lake Thrissur
In which district Peechi dam is situated Thrissur
The place where an observatory was establishein ancient Kerala Mahodayapuram
The corporation in Kerala without coastline Thrissur
Which temple is known as ‘Dakshina Dwaraka’ Guruvayur
Silent Valley is in the district of Palakkad
In which district is J.P. Smritivana is situated Palakkad
Jainimedu, where Kumaranasan wrot‘Veenapoovu’ is in the district of Palakkad
The area where black soil is found in Kerala Chittur

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