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island off the Gulf of Mexico, captured by Union, it's location made it ideal for the blockade base, ship Island
stone fort built by robert e lee, gaurded the savannah rier, blasted to rubble, immortal 600Fort Pulaski
tennessee city on Mississippi River that was the first major mississippi river city to be captured by the Union brown water navy.Memphis
This fort nicknamed the "Gibraltar of the Atlantic" guarded the entrance to the Cape Fear River, This port was considered absolutely essential to the Southern War Effort, and was a favorite port for Southern blockade and confederate Raiders.fort Fisher
known as the "Graveyard of the Atlantic" and it's accompanying barrier islands were the first targets of the Federal Navy's forces,used as supply areas for the Federal NavyCape Hatteras
liverpool, england shipyard that built te confederate merchant raidersLaird Shipyards
largest city in the Confederacy It's fall to the union forces under Daid Glasgow Farragut on April 24, 1862 denied the south of the use of it's busiest seaport. and access to the Mississippi river from the Gulf of Mexico. New Orleans
U.S. government's plan to strangle the south through the use of blockading all southern ports in order to deny them all the ability to import/export products and raw material in order to destroy the South's EconomyAnaconda Plan

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onfederate spym negotiated with england and franceJames Bulloh
inventor of diving bell and built pook turtlesJames Eads
helped grant take vicksburg, helped capture fort fisher, foster brother of David Farragut David Porter
commanded the u.s.s. monitor in battle of hampton roads against the c.s.s. virginia John Worden
Designed and built a series of Confederate subs including pioneer and the Hunley,Horace Hunley
the confederate secretary of navy and jefferson davis allowed him complete control of the navyStephen Mallory
confederate sympathizer who stayed with the Union and designed the heavy smooth-bore naval gun known as the Dahlgren cannonJohn Dahlgren
Swedish-born inventor and engineer responsible for the invention of the screw propeller for warships and the first true iron warship - the U.S.S. MoniterJohn Ericsson
built the slop-sided gunboats designed to float only in 4 feet of water, pook turtlesSamuel pook
took over hunley after crew died, attacked and sunk the u.s.s. housatonic but was killed during it.George Dixion
the U.S. secretary of the navy. Nicknamed father neptune by lincoln, he would transform the third-rate us navy into one of the best in the world.Gideon Wells
commanded the U.S. warship the U.S.S. San Jacinto when she captured the British steamer the Trent and removed the confederates officials off the ship in international waters, creating an international incident between US and England.Charles Wilks
commander of the amphibious assault forces that captured Roanoke Island in North Carolina, destroyed the confederate mosquito boat fleet, and then captured Elizabeth City, New Berne and Beaufort Nc. for the federals and also severing all railroad connections between those cities and the interior mainland.Ambrose Burnside
former us naval captain who built and commanded the confederate ironclad c.s.s. virginia in her battle with the union navy's hampton roads blockading squadron.would become the highest ranking officer in the Confederate NavyFranklin Buchanan
commanded the c.s.s. virginia in 2nd day of fighting after Franklin Buchanan was wounded.Catesby ap Roger Jones
commander of the c.s.s. alabama, confederate merchant raider. he sank almost 80 us merchant vessels.Raphael Semmes
son and grandson of former US presidents, ambassador to great britain kept lincoln fully informed as to confederate activated in England.Charles Francis Adams
first us navy admiral born of Hispanic heritage, he would successfully capture both the ports of New Orleans and Mobile Bay.David Farragut

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high powered and fast confederate warships used to attack union shipping shipsConfederate raiders
confederate ironclad, patrolled the albemarle river,successful attacks in union warships, sunk by union C.S.S. Albermarle
us naval forces designed to fight on and take control of the Mississippi river Brown Water Navy
union river gunboats not covered in iron to assist ironclads Timberclads
confederate sub, 2 methods of propulsion, a steam engine, and traditional man-powered screw propeller. Used to run supplies to Mobile Bay. St. Patrick
union sub, diver's chamber, buoyancy tanks, and air compressors. lost in sea off Cape Hatteras u.s.s. Aligator
finding nemo mines, infernal devices, torpedoes, underwater explosives. singer mines
first confederate sub, built in alabama, prototypepioneer
first true ironclad. first ship to have revolving gun turrets, built of all iron. most of her was underwater, went into a draw with c.s.s. virginia, first battle of ironclads, sink in a storm off Cape Hatterasu.s.s. monitor
eads-built pook turtle, sunk after hitting a mineu.s.s. Cairo
special union riverboats designed with a heavy front ram, designed by charles ellet, and his desendents would command these ships.Ellet rams
first successful combat sub, sank the u.s.s. housatonic an sank and the crew drowned.Hunley
confederate steam powered torpedo boats. 50 feet long, used to attack union blockade ships, generally not successful, also called mosquito bites.c.s.s. david
confederate ironclad. built on remains of the u.s.s. merrimac, destroyed several warships in the first part of the battle of Hampton roads. destroyed a year later to keep her from being captured.c.s.s. Virginia