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What is FAR and how do they effect flight?Federal Aviation Regulations-They mandate rules for emergency equipment. Carry on bags and storage and Food beverage storage etc.
Phase 1Sign In Preflight ground preflight AC
Phase 2Inflight service/after takeoff/ food prep & pres.
Phase 3Inflight customers needs (phase that pays)
Phase 4Landing/arrival/post flight

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Phase 1 more detailedSigning in, checking mailboxes, meeting other FAs, setup flight info on tablet. Preflighting AC stow your luggage, get info from DDB from FA1 meet cockpit crew complete security checks.
Phase 2 more detailedEnd of sterile cockpit FAs can begin service. Make sure to show short subject/movie if there is one, food/bev service, etc. pickup begins when service has been completed
Phase 3 more detailedCustomer service, remaining accessible, cabin walk through every 15 minutes, initiating customer contacts, and descent! Make compliance checks when FSBS on, secure galleys, etc. then jumpseats
Phase 4 more detailedTaxi in- no getting up. FA1 will initiate all call, disarm doors, take deplaning positions, complete security check, straighten cabin.

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Crew manningFAs depend on customer load, scheduled services, seats on AC
Min. Crew1 FA per 50 seats
AAs standard operating crewNever less than FAA min crew (but could be more)
FAA reg occupancy of AC by FAs during fueling periods/ground time when customers are on boardCustomers NEVER alone on AC! can have half of min. Crew onboard when fueling. Be aware of conditions inside/outside of AC
Required items FA must carryID, tablet, Manuel, company keys, pocket mask, restraint tape, flexcuff, flashlight, AA ID, required service equip., passport, documentation to travel & security ID/AOA badge (if necessary)
Sign in1+ hour previous to flight
After sign in responsibilities?Check email/sabre, check physical mailbox, company email, obtain forms needed, check monitors for scheduled flight info

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When meet flight deck?When they get on AC/ ASAP
FA only use PEDs when not performing job related dutiesFA only use PEDs when not performing job related duties
DDB: departure dependability briefingFA1 will meet with gate agent about the following: intros, boarding time, HN contact methods, security procedures, carry on baggage management, if min. Crew on board, who operates boarding pass reader, any delays/ unusual circumstances, any special services customers, Armed officers, & any other info that pertains to the flight. You will obtain prelim paperwork from agent
What is included in a Security check?You will check emergency equipment, lavatories, OHBs, ovens, galleys, CCs for anything unusual, visual checks seeing if doors are disarmed & nothing caught in them, making sure jump seats are operational and functioning
Emergency equipment check includes?Checking to make sure the equip. Is in right location, access to it is not obstructed, valves and gauges are full, seals are intact
Activities FA1 accomplishes when boarding AC?Power port is on, cabin lights are good, gogo wifi is on, check for items that need repair, etc
Duties for FAs when boarding the AC?Checking doors, security checks, checking catering

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Crew briefingAlways before boarding & includes: Intros, crew requirements, security info, specific market info, whether route may require 66o2, weather/turb, operation/location of flight deck o2, sequence of service
Flight # date destination & also exit row seatingVerified info on boarding pass
Recognize an authorized person on the AC or jetbridgeBy their badge
FAA inspector get on ACWhen doing an inspection but he MUST have boarding pass if going to fly
When an unauthorized person is on AC?"Challenge them" ask to see their badge, call security if necessary
Various storage compartments for carry onsOHBs, under the seats, CCs
Who is responsible for checking exit row seating criteria?Boarding FA or plucker

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Conditions that cannot sit in an exit row seatingVerbally have to say yes they can, no one 15 and under, no families/ parents with children, no one disabled, if they can't understand or don't want the responsibility
When customer wants to deplane?Advise them to take carry ons, see agent, & notify agent, obtain their boarding pass & verify their flight # seat #
Child restraint systemApproved location on AC, FA make sure it is installed correctly, has approved label, if airbelt- need seat belt extension
Define final paperwork or GFFM & info in documentList of customers with special needs, premium passengers, standby-ers, UMs, firearms, etc.
List of items that must be accomplished prior to FA1 advising agent to close doorLuggage is stowed, exit seats checked/ briefed, OHBs/CCs closed, ensure min crew is onboard, cankn FA notify checks are complete
Door arming & cross checksAttaching metal bar to floor brackets prepping exit for evacuation. Cross checks are done by another FA to make sure exits have been armed. Boarding door last to be armed

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All call & door reportAfter all doors armed participate in all call, everyone is on the phone, door report complete
When to tell captain cabin ready?Made safety compliance checks, doors are armed, PEDs are stowed, everyone is seated, tray tables up, seats upright
Reopening doorIf jetbridge is connected to AC all doors have to be disarmed. If not, only that one door needs disarmed. The person will knock twice, wait for visual confirmation to crack door, then redo all call
Sterile cockpitNo communication with flight deck. Until they have ascended (or descended) 10,000 ft. Begins at pushback
Safety compliance checks?PEDds are stowed away, seatbelts fastened, seatbacks are upright, tray tables are up, cabin/galleys secured, footrests & personal video units stowed, curtains tied back, everyone is sitting
What signal is given when AC is ready to take off1 chime

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30 second review proceduresWhen in jumpseats take review of exits, how to operate them, etc.
Signal the captain will give when you can leave your jumpseat1 chime
Which FA is responsible for relaying cabin info to the crew during flight?FA1
Americans policy for cabin lightingNever in total darkness
Cabin walk through and safety compliance checksCabin walk throughs every 15 min safety compliance checks when FSBS on
Answering passenger call lightsPromptly
What is to be accomplished when preparing for landingCollect service items, clean/secure galleys, complete necessary forms, return coats to customers Complete safety compliance checks, offer premium customers personal connecting gate info and thank them, FA1 makes appropriate PAs prepare cabin/secure galleys for landing & finally take jumpseats

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FAA procedure during taxi inFAs are to be in their jumpseats
Steps to be accomplished once "prepare for arrival" is givenFA1 initiates all call & FAs disarm doors except boarding door. Sales transmitted on tablet. Boarding door disarmed as jetbridge approaches
What is to be accomplished prior to leaving ACComplete security checks and straighten cabin
Procedures for a crew change?Do a crew briefing and meet new crew
Procedures for ramp stand ?Tell customers that we are using ramp stand. Position yourself at stand, wait for agent to be at bottom. Advise customers to "watch step" monitor traffic to prevent crowding or rushing.