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Section 1

Question Answer
cranial and spinal pairs?12 and 31
carries sensory info toward CNSafferent
Carries motor info away from CNSEfferent
Voluntary and conscioussomatic
involuntary and unconsciousautonomic
receives impulsesdendrites
processes impulses (grey)cell body
cluster of cell bodies in CNSnucleus
Cluster of cell bodies in PNSganglion
conducts impulse to next neuronaxon
bundle of axon in CNStract
bundle of axon in PNSNerve
what increases the speed?myelin
cells that create myelinschwann
seperation around myelinnodes of ranvier
Neurotransmitters travel across the synapse to initiate response in next neuronsynapse
transmpit imulse to/from special sensory organ to/from braincranial nerve
transmit to/from spinal cord and brainspinal nerves
what do you need for transmission of neural impulsesNaCl, and Potassium
site of contract with axon/neuronsynapse
neurotransmitter examplesserotonin, dopamine, endorphins

Section 2

Question Answer
grey matter is cell bodies that process
white matter is axons thattransport
outer coating of cerebrumcortex
highest level of functioningcerebrum
seperates R/L hemespherelongitudinal fissure
seperates temp lobe from frontal/parietal lobelateral fissure
seperates motor cortex (frontal) and sensory cortex (parietal)central sulcus
seperates parietal and occipitalparieto-occipital
connects right and left hemispherecorpus collosum
frontal lobe is cognition, short term, and brocca's are
broccas area ismotor aspect of speech; can understand but cant talk back properly
parietal lobesensory; between front and occipital
temporal lobeLong term, abstract thinking, hearing, and wernickes area
wernikes areayou cant understnad them and they cant understand you
occipital lobeback part; visual
Area of cerebrum that does autonomic function? insula
limbic lobe functionstrong emotional context
basal nuclei functionmovement and attention

Section 3

Question Answer
thalamus functionlearning, memory, controls hypothalamus, sensory relay center
hypothalamus controlsBP, HR, digestion, etc
pituitary glandsecretes hormones
stakl to the pit glandinfundibulum
mid brain functions (2)visual and auditory reflexes
Order of brainstemmidbrain, pon, medulla
Pon functionbridge; motor info on unconscious level
examples of function for pons on unconscious leveladjustment, shift weight
carries descending motor pathways and ascending sensory pahtwyasmedulla
medulla is responsible for automatic control of breathing/heart rate
cell bodies are usuallygrey matter
two types of neuronsafferent and efferent
2 parts that make up PNScranial and spinal nerve
2 parts that make up CNSbrain/spinal cord
what is released accorss synapseneurotransmitters
grey mattter is made of what part of neuroncell body
another name for efferent impulsemotor
grey matter is found in the nuclei
white matter is made upaxon
another name for afferentsensory
can nerve cells be replace if destroyedno
area of brain that has parts of all other lobeslimbic
part of hemisphere of bran damaged by CVAright side
split like grouop that seperates gyrisulci
neurotransmitter send at synapse and picked up by another structurepost synapse