Kines Bones

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Section 1

Question Answer
smooth, hard dense outer shellcompact
porous and spongyspongy bone
equal dimensionsshort bone
examples of short bonecarpal/tarsal
variety of mixed shapesirregular bone
ex of irregular bonesvertebrae/sphenoid
thin and broadflat bones
flat bone examplescapula, facial, illium
longer than they are widelong bones
ex of long boneshumerus, femur, clavicle, tibia, fibula, phalanges
made of cartilage material during growing yearsepiphyseal line
hollow area contain marrowmedullary cavity
bone reabsorption assistosteoclast
provides base up supportaxial (80)
moves more; attatches to axialappendicula (126)
connects body to transverse processpedicle
No bodyatlas
fingerlike projectionsaxis
has long spine process and resembles TC7
vertebral artery passes hereC1-7
ribs attatch atT
no rib attatchmentL1-5
True ribT1-7
Created by pediclevertebral notch

Section 2

Question Answer
bones are thickest where muscles attatchedwolff
annual hospital visits 131 million
back/vertebrae fracture; ostepororisscompression fracture
protrudes thru skinopen/compound fracture
broken into piecescomminuted
pressed onto another; squishimpacted
doesnt include whole bonehairlin/incomplete
partially bent/splt (like a tree)greenstick
twisted apartspiral fracture
not straight up and down oblique
break across bone (horizonetal)transversse
fatigued and unable to absorb added shockstress fracture
break in bone with no external wound to skinclosed
osteporosis preventionexercise, diet, Ca intake
loss of bone pass resulting in weak bones and predispostion to fractureosteoporosis
how fast it heals examplesage, osteoporosis, location, type of fracture/bones, blood supply