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northkang jung
southkang thbong
eastkang gart
westkang letch
see you later tongi krowy juup knear
take someone somwherejuup own thu ....
look after someeeonemull ty
to contacttaak thumge
to usebrau
fine as usualsucksa bey tome ma da
to get therethu dall
later (one day i future)tongi Krowy
later (next time)pail krowy
later (a little later)tick teit
child (yours)cone
child (others)cming
where/come/gp /stay/live naa
where / all othersno naa
where (don't use)inaa
nung eyeyes /thats right
evening 4pm-7pmpail lanigg
night (after 7 pm)pail yope
for( you or generally)some rabb
for (someone give)owie
how are yousucksa bey te
not yetmun thoen
to get heremau dall
to get heremoke dall
orange colorpoa tuck croche
long time no seekon juup knear you howy / sucksa bey te

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