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russian marketpsa toul tom poung
to take somebody some wherejuun....thu
to look aftermull ty
to contacttaak ty
to usebrau
fine a usualsuck sa bey tome ma da
later ( a little later)tick teit
later (one day in the future)tongi krowy
later (next time)pail krowy
child yourscone
child someone elsecming
to get therethu dall
to get heremoke dall
at the north of somewherekang jung
at the south of somewherekang t bong
at the east of somewherekang gart
at the west of somewherekang laych
for in middle of sentenceowie
for /to me /for mesom rabb
for in order todtaam bey
for /timeroyeck pail
betweenjon lah
not yet mun thoen

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