Key Points

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Question Answer
Bl17 is the Influential pt forBlood and diaphragm
Lu7 is the Master pt forthe head and neck
Lu7 is the Connecting pt for Large Intestine
Lu9 is the Influential pt for the Arteries
LI 4 is the Master pt for Face and Mouth
LI4 is the ____ pt Source pt for Lg Intestine
St 36 is the Master pt forGI tract and abdomen
St 40 is the ____pt for ____Connecting pt for Spleen
St 40 is the Influential pt for Phlegm
Sp6 is the Master pt forUrogenital & rear abdomen
Sp21 is the _________ of _________connecing pt for all connecting pts
Bl 11 is the influential pt forBones
Bl40 is the Master pt for theBack and Hips
Pe6 is the ____ for ____Connecting pt for the Triple Heater
Pe6 if the Master pt for theChest and front of abdomen
Th5 is the ___ for the ___Connecting pt Pericardium
GB34 is the Influential pt forTendons and Ligaments
Liv 3 is the ___ pt for the ___Source pt for the liver
CV12 is the Influential pt forYang Organs
CV 12 is the Alarm pt for theStomach
CV17 is the Alarm pt forPericardium
CV17 is the Influential pt forRespiratory system
BaiHui is the Pt where all ___ ___ mergeYang Meridians

Key pts part 2

Question Answer
Lu7 regulates theLungs good for asthma and cough
Lu7 _____ ____ chiStimulates circulation of protective chi
Lu9 is good forPain in Chest, asthma, cough
LI4 is good forFever
St36 StrengthensNutritive Chi
St36 is good forvomiting & diarrhea & constipation & ulcers
St36 regulatesthe Spleen

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