Kappa Sigma

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The Chapter officers shall take their respective stations, the GM filling by appointment such vacancies as may temporarily occur. The Guards take their stations inside the door, standing at attention, facing each other, and holding their swords vertically in front of their bodies. The members of the Chapter then enter the Hall, passing between the two Guards, and take their seats. During the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and if necessary, at other times during the meeting, an outer Guard shall be posted.
The GM calls the Chapter to order by one rap of the gavel, rises, and says:
GM: Brother Grand Procurator, are all present members of Kappa Sigma?
The GP rises; if he is not sure of each man in the room, he makes sure before responding:
G P: Brother Grand Master, all present are Kappa Sigmas.
The GM raps twice; all officers rise. The GM asks:
GM: Brother Grand Master of Ceremonies, are you a Kappa Sigma?
The GMC, remaining at his stat1on, turns to face the GM.
GMC: A trial will prove.
GM: How will you be tried?
GMC: By certain Signs, a Word or Words, and a Token.
GM: Will you give me a Sign?
The GMC faces the Altar and gives the Due Guard; the GM responds with the first part of the Penal Sign; the GMC answers with the final portion of the Penal Sign; the GMC turns again to face the GM.
GM: Will you give me a Word?
GMC: Semper.
GM: Constans.
In unison:
GM & GMC: Always Constant.
GM: Where were you first prepared to be made a Kappa Sigma?
GMC: In my heart.
GM: Where were you made a Kappa Sigma?
GMC: In a properly constituted Chapter from Bologna .
GM: How many compose such a Chapter?
GMC: Four or more.
GM: When composed of four, of whom does it consist?
GMC: Of Grand Master, Grand Procurator, Grand Master of Ceremonies, and Guard.
GM: What makes you a Kappa Sigma?
GMC: My Obligation.
The GMC faces the Altar, gives the Due Guard and Penal Sign; the GMC turns again to face the GM.
GM: What induced you to become a Kappa Sigma?
GMC: An invitation from friends and a high appreciation of the Order.
GM: What else induced you to become a Kappa Sigma?
GMC: That I might travel in foreign countries, and even in my own, and everywhere enjoy the society of a friend and Brother. And that I might be protected in my person and property from tyrants such as Cossa or any others who would forcibly take away my property or my life.
GM: What are Tokens?
GMC: Certain friendly or brotherly grips whereby we may know a Brother in the dark as in the light.
GM: Have you a Token?
GMC: I have.
GM: Advance and give it.
The GMC leaves his station, approaches the GM, and gives him the Grip.
GM: Can you tell me what this is?
GMC: A good thing shaking hands once.
GM: Do you really think so?
GMC: Most assuredly shaking hands twice.
GM: Under what guise is it?
GMC: Silence and secrecy shaking hands three times.
The GMC returns to his station. The GM raps three times; all members rise.
GM: Brothers, pay attention to the Signs.
All give the Due Guard and Penal Sign together.
When closing the Chapter, the G M proceeds to the Closing Prayer at this point.
The GM remains at his station.
GM: Let us pray.
Most Holy and Glorious Lord God the giver of all good and perfect gifts, who in Thy word hast promised that where two three are gathered together in thy name, thou wilt be in the midst of them and bless them.
In thy name we are assembled, most humbly beseeching thee to grant unto us thy gracious aid: that we may know what to do, that we may have the grace and strength to perform the same, and that all our actions may tend to thy glory and to our advancement in knowledge and virtue.
And we beseech thee, O Lord, to bless this our present assemblage, and illuminate our minds with the divine precepts of Kappa Sigma, and so direct us to walk in the light of thy divine countenance, that when the trials of our probationary state are over, we may be admitted into that rest which is incorruptible, undefiled, and that fadeth not away.
GM: Brothers, I am happy to inform you that all has come up aright, and I now declare this … Chapter of Kappa Sigma open after Bologna 's Form, in the name of God, and ready to proceed to business.
The GM raps once; all members are seated.