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Kaplan Word List

Updated 2007-07-08 21:43


Kaplan Word List.


These are the words Mrs. Kravitz told us to memorize. Memorize them! Try to go through the whole thing once everyday. When I'm done, go get ice cream to reward myself. =)

A (06-17-07)

Abdicateto give up a position, right, or power
Aberrationsomething different from the usual or normal
Abhorto loathe, detest
Abolitionistone who opposes the practice of slavery
Abridgeto condense, shorten
Absolveto forgive, free from blame
Abstract (adj)theoretical; complex, difficult
Abstrusedifficult to comprehend
Accessibleattainable, available; approachable
Accessoryattachment, ornament; accomplice, partner
Acerbicbitter, sharp in taste or temper
Acmehighest point; summit
Acquiesceto agree, comply quietly
Acquittalrelease from blame
Acridharsh, bitter
Acrimonybitterness, animosity
Acumensharpness of insight
Acutesharp, pointed
Adageold saying or proverb
Adamantuncompromising, unyielding
Adaptto accommodate, adjust
Adhereto cling or follow without deviation
Adjacentnext to
Admonishto caution or reprimand
Adulterateto corrupt or make impure
Advantageousfavorable, useful
Adversarialantagonistic, competitive
Adverseunfavorable, unlucky, harmful
Aerialhaving to do with the air
Aestheticpertaining to beauty or art
Affablefriendly, easy to approach
Affinityfondness, liking; similarity
Affluentrich, abundant
Agendaplan, schedule
Agilewell-coordinated, nimble
Agitationcommotion, excitement; uneasiness
Agrarianrelating to farming or rural matters
Aliasassumed name
Alienateddistanced, estranged
Alignedprecisely adjusted; committed to one side
Allegorysymbolic representation
Alleviateto relieve, improve partially
Alliterationrepetition of the beginning sounds of words

A (06-24-07)

Allusionindirect reference
Aloofdetached, indifferent
Altercationnoisy dispute
Altruismunselfish concern for others' welfare
Amalgammixture, combination, alloy
Ambidextrousable to use both hands equally well
Ambiguousuncertain; subject to multiple interpretations (for a thing or idea)
Ambivalenceattitude of uncertainty; conflicting emotions (for a person)
Ameliorateto make better, improve
Amenableagreeable, cooperative
Amiablefriendly, pleasant, likable
Amicablefriendly, agreeable
Amoralunprincipled, unethical
Amorousstrongly attracted to love; showing love
Amphibiancreature equally at home on land or in water
Amphitheaterarena theater with rising tiers around a central open space
Ampleabundant, plentiful
Amplifyincrease, intensify
Analogouscomparable, parallel
Anarchyabsense of government or law; chaos
Anecdoteshort, usually funny account of an event
Angularcharacterized by sharp angles; lean and gaunt
Animationenthusiasm, excitement
Animosityhatred, hostility
Annulto cancel, nullify, declare void, or make legally invalid
Anomalyirregularity or deviation from the norm
Anonymitycondition of having no name or an unknown name
Antagonistfoe, opponent, adversary
Antecedent (adj)coming before in place or time
Antediluvianprehistoric, ancient beyond measure, "before the flood"
Anthologycollection of literary works
Anthropomorphicattributing human qualities to non-humans
Antipathydislike, hostility; extreme opposition of aversion, animosity
Antiquatedoutdated, obsolete, antediluvian
Antiquityancient times; the quality of being old or ancient
Antithesisexact opposite or direct contrast
Apatheticindifferent, unconcerned
Apathylack of feeling or emotion
Aphorismold saying or short pithy statement, adage
Appeaseto satisfy, placate, calm, pacify
Approbationpraise; official approval
Appropriate (v)to take possession of
Aquaticbelonging or living in water
Arablesuitable for cultivation
Arbitratormediator, negotiator
Arborealrelating to trees; living in trees
Arboretumplace where trees are displayed and studied
Archaicantiquated, from an earlier time; outdated
Ardentpassionate, enthusiastic, fervent

A/B (06-24-07)

Question Answer
Arduousextremely difficult, laborious
Aridextremely dry or deathly boring
Arsenalammunition storehouse
Articulate (adj)well-spoken, expressing oneself clearly
Artifacthistorical relic, item made by human craft
Artisancraftsperson; expert
Ashenresembling ashes; deathly pale
Askewcrooked, tilted
Aspireto have great hopes; to aim at a goal
Assailto attack, assault
Assentto express agreement
Assertto affirm, attest
Assiduousdiligent, persistent, hard-working
Assuageto make less severe, ease, relieve, alleviate
Astutehaving good judgement
Asymmetricalnot corresponding in size, shape, position, etc
Atrociousmonstrous, shockingly bad, wicked
Atrophyto waste away, wither from disuse
Attainto accomplish, gain
Attestto testify, stand as proof of, bear witness
Audaciousbold, daring, fearless
Audiblecapable of being heard
Auditoryhaving to do with hearing
Auspicioushaving favorable prospects, promising
Austerestern, strict, unadorned
Authoritarianextremely strict, bossy
Autonomousseparate, independent
Avengeto retaliate, take revenge for an injury or crime
Averto declare to be true, affirm
Aversionintense dislike
Aviarylarge enclosure housing birds
Avowto state openly or declare
Awrycrooked, askew, amiss
Balkto refuse, shirk; prevent
Balladfolk song, narrative poem
Banto forbid, outlaw
Banaltrite and overly common
Banterplayful conversation
Behemonthhuge creature
Beleaguerto harass, plage, assail
Belittleto represent as unimportant, make light of, demean
Bellicosewarlike, agressive
Belligerenthostile, tending to fight
Bellowto roar, shout