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Block 1

Question Answer
What types of drugs can precipitate angle-closure glaucoma? anticholinergics
Important side effect of doxorubicincongestive cardiomyopathy
Treatment of a pseudomembranous collitismetronidazole
Presentation of pseudomembranous collitisgreenish, foul-smelling watery diarrhea, abdominal cramps
Drug that usually causes pseudomembranous collitisclindamycin
A drug that causes tendon rupture what is MOAfluroquinolones such as cipro which inhibit DNA gyrase, whcih counteracts excessive supercoiling of DNA
Lithium inhibits what organ's functionthyroid. measure TSH every 6-12 months of therapy
Potassium channel blocker that prolongs QT and widens QRSamiodarone
Early symptoms of aspirin overdosetinnitus, hyperventilation, nausea vomitting
Early acid base disturbance of aspirin overdoserespiratory alkalosis
Later acid base disturbance of aspirin overdosemetabolic acidosis
MOA vincristineprevents microtubule formaiton
MOA paclitaxelinhibits microtubule degradation
What drug for a patient who is receiving chemotherapy for cancer with a high turnover rateallopurinol protect from tumor lysis syndrome
potentially life threatening complication of succinylcholinehyperkalemia
Drug that increases digoxin toxicityloop diurectice. cause hypokalemia and hypomagnesium which both contribute to digoxin toxicity.

Block 2

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Clinical indication for buspironeGAD
Drug of choice patient with Parkinson's and depressionamytriptiline
Treatment of a urinary tract infection caused by a gram negative rod in a patient who is allergic to penicillinTMP/SMX or nitrofunantoin
Drug of choice in a diabetic with renal dysfunctionglipizide is after to use in patients with renal dysfunction than metformin
A patient takes isosorbide dinitrate early in the morning and again in the afternoon, but he does not take an evening dose whytolerance development
Long term use of PPIs may be associated with an increase risk of what type of fractureosteoporotic hip fractures
Side effects of a class of protease inhibitorshyperglycemia, lipodystrophy and drug-drug interactions due to inhibition of cytochrom P450
Of the following which is a selective beta blocker labetalol, nadolol, propanolol, timolol, atenololatenolol!!!!
Possible A/E of atenololdifferent degrees of hear block
A patient with schizoaffective disorder and thrombocytopenia what drug should not be givenvalproate

Block 3

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A decrease that decreases VLDL, LDL and increases HDLniacin can cause facial flushing


Question Answer
Half life(.7 x Vd)/ CL
Maintenance doseMD=(CL x Cpss (plasma concentration at steady state))/F (bioavailability)
How many half lives to reach steady statefour to five half lives
one half life50%
two half lives75%
three half lives87.5%
Bioavailability= (AUC oral x dose IV)/ (AUC IV x dose oral)