Kaplan 10

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Question Answer
Posterior rostral pons at the lateral floor of the fourth ventricleLocus ceruleus -> Norepinephrine
What hormone closes epiphyseal plate early?Sex hormones such as Estrogen NOT IGF-1
What is responsible for linear growth by proliferating chondrocytesIGF-1 aka somatomedin C
Ischemia causes cells to hypertrophyIntracellular accumulation of Na & Ca & water
HLA B27 Ankylosing spondylitis, reactive arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, sacroiliac join fusion is associated withHLA Class I
Chronic low pack pain on naproxen has what kind of kidney problemChronic interstitial nephritis OR Papillary necrosis
Anterior compartment syndrome damage toDeep peroneal nerve -> Dorsiflexion and sensory problem between 1 & 2 toes
Fibular neck damage toCommon peroneal nerve -> Dorsflexion and eversion issue
Lateral compartment syndrome damage toSuperficial peroneal nerve -> Foot eversion and sensory loss of dorsum of foot
Pt with pyruvate dehydrogenase deficiency(failure of thrive, seizures,increased lactate) causes lactic acid build up. Pts should be put onKetogenic diet -> Leucine & Lysine
Unique to daughter strandOkazaki fragments(multiple short DNA fragments) OR Ligase
Contralateral Sensory deficitVentral posterior thalamus
Contralateral Motor deficitBase of the pons
Pt presented initially with viral infection infection later develop bacterial pneumonia and the most common causes areS.Pneumonia, S.Aureus, H,Influenza
Round air fluid level in the right lungPulmonary abscess -> Lysosomal content causes destruction of lung parenchyma of that area
Pt with sclerodactyly and right side heart failure complicationPulmonary hypertension -> Intimal thickening of the pulmonary arterioles
Any estrogen related for example, contraceptives, Hormonal therapy COMPLICATIONVenous thromboemoblism
White blood cells increased in synovial fluid aka increased leukocyte countSeptic arthritis
Exonuclease VS EndonucleaseHNPCC VS Xeroderma pigmentosa
Thiamine VS CobalaminHeart+Peripheral neuropathy VS Peripheral neuropathy ONLY

Antiseizure drugs

Question Answer
Phenytoin & CarbamazepineBlocks Na channels
Valporic acidBlocks Na channels & Increase GABA levels
Benzodiazepine & PhenobarbitalIncrease GABA action
LevetiracetamModulates GABA & GLUTAMATE release
EthosuximideBlocks thalamic T-type Ca2 channels

Blood gas

Question Answer
Blood Gas partition coefficientSolubility and rate of absorption into CNS
Higher Blood gas partition coefficientSlower Onset and need more drugs
Lower Blood gas partition coefficientFaster onset

Diabetes Insulin

Question Answer
Lispro & AspartLance – pretty fast action
UltralenteLong acting


Question Answer Column 3
Cleavage of a viral polyprotein precursorProtease inhibitorsSaquinavir, ritonavir
Complementary DNA synthesis from a viral RNA templateReverse Transcriptase inhibitorsEfavirenz, tenofovir, lamivudine
Fusion of viral and host phospholipid bilayersFusion inhibitorsEnfuvirtide
Production of viral messenger RNAIntegrase InhibitorsReltegravir
Viral attachment to host cellsCCR5 receptor InhibitorsMaraviroc

AR probability

Question Answer
AR carrier+Diseased66%
AR diseased25%
AR non diseased25%

MacConkey agar G- Rods

Question Answer
Lactose fermenter FASTKEE -> Klebsiela, Enterbacter, E.coli
Lactose fermenter SLOW Citrobacter, Serratia
Lactose non-fermenter Oxidase-Salmonella,shigella,proteus
Lactose non-fermenter Oxidase+Pseudomonas, H.pylori