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Kamaitachi No Yoru

Updated 2007-08-10 20:34

Kamaitachi no Yoru Voc

Question Answer
殺す【ころす】 (v5s,vt) to kill; (P); EP
一体【いったい】 (int) (1) what on earth?; really?; (n) (2) one object; one body; (adv) (3) generally; (P); EP
以外【いがい】 (n-adv) with the exception of; excepting; (P); EP
不思議【ふしぎ】 (adj-na,n) wonder; miracle; strange; mystery; marvel; curiosity; (P); EP
理由【りゆう】 (n) reason; pretext; motive; (P); EP
悲しい【かなしい】 (adj) sad; sorrowful; (P); EP
愛してる【あいしてる】 (exp) I love you; ED [Partial Match!]
部分【ぶぶん】 (n) portion; section; part; (P); EP
たまたま(adv) casually; unexpectedly; accidentally; by chance; KD
全員【ぜんいん】 (n-adv,n) all members (unanimity); all hands; the whole crew; everyone; everybody; (P); EP
事件【じけん】 (n) event; affair; incident; case; plot; trouble; scandal; (P); EP
文句【もんく】 (n) phrase; complaint; (P); EP
【かれ】 (n) (1) he; (2) boyfriend; SP
彼女【かのじょ】 (n) (1) she; (2) girl friend; sweetheart; (P); EP
構う【かまう】 (v5u) (1) to mind; to care about; to be concerned about; (2) to care for; to look after; (3) to prepare for; (4) to intefere with; to meddle in; (5) to tease; (P); EP
探す【さがす】 (v5s,vt) (1) to search (for something lost); to seek (a suspect in a crime); (2) to search (for something desired, needed); to look for; (P); EP
叫ぶ【さけぶ】 (v5b,vi) to shout; to cry; (P); EP
重い【おもい】 (adj) (1) heavy; massive; (2) serious; important; severe; oppressed; (P); EP
犯人【はんにん】 (n) offender; criminal; (P); EP
【かつ; わり】 (かつ) divide; cut; halve; separate; split; rip; break; crack; smash; dilute; (わり) (n,n-suf) rate; ratio; proportion; percentage; profit; assignment; 10%; unit of ten percent; SP
たまたま(adv) casually; unexpectedly; accidentally; by chance;