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Volvulus in elderly patient>>>acute abdomen painsigmoid colon
processus vaginalis incomplete fusioncysti structure>>> hydrocele of the spermatic cord
erythrocytic stage of malaria would have to be cleared by?NK cells due to the lack of MHC molecules on red blood cells
NK cells targets altered cells that do not express MHC class I molecules Malaria
95% of NaCl that is consumed is excretedtotal intake of NaCl = amount of NaCl excreted
Wernicke aphasiaright upper quadrantanopia
HIV patients without anti-retroviral therapyCD4+T declines>>>the ability to produce antibodies other than IgM decline such as the capsid antigen (p24)>>>increase virus load. antibody to envelope antigens gp 41 and gp120 will remain stable since these antigens undergo constant antigenic variation and request a constant primary immune response, this is IgM isotype, can be made in the absence of TH cells
cause relapse P Vivax and P Ovale
P Vivas occurs in panama, cause relapse
androgen insensitivity syndrome46XY, Female phenotype, abominal undescended testes, no ovaries and uterus
Functional residual capacity 4.5L, Inspiratory reserve volume 1.5L, inspiratory capacity 2 L, Vital capacity 3 L, what is the residual volume of this patient?3.5L
beta thalassemia major>>>alpha chains are insoluble>>>hemolytic anemia>>>transfusions>>>iron overload>>>?hemosiderosis>>>cardiac failure>>>edema in the lower extremities
frequency of contraciont of a single motor unitlifts weights warm up>>>gradually increases the weight
left half of the transverse colon>>>no collateral circulation>>> vulnerable to infarctionsuperior mesenteric artery
Ulcerative colitisabdomian pain and cramping, blood in the stool, colonoscopy reveals ulceration, mucosal and submucosal, treatment:sulfasalazine, mesalamine and olsalazine
deep vein thrombi in the lower extremitiespulmonary thromboembolism
laminated concentric calcific spherulespapillary carcinoma of the thyroids
patent ductas arteriosus connect?L pulmonary artery to the arotic arch
the red pulp and white pulp (PALS,Germinal centers), red pulp (cords of billroth and splenic sinusesSpleen
cords of billrothSpleen

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