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ATCaround the clock
qs ada sufficient quantity to make up to
aaof each
osleft eye

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What is the brand name for aripiprazole?Abilify
Xanax is used for sleep apnea? T orFFalse
What is the generic name for Omnicef?cefdinir
Prozax is an NSAID? T or FFalse
What is the drug classification of Benicar?ARB

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How many 250mg capsules for the following amoxicillin 500mg tid?6 capsules
Order: Amoxicillin 250mg PO tid, On hand: 250mg/ml, what is the day supply15mL
Take 1 tablet PO qd for 30 days30 tablets
Take 2 capsules PO qd2
How many injections if sig is qod for 20 days?10 injections

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2 PO bid #12030 days
1PO tid #3010days
1PO daily #6060 days
2PO qhs #105 days
1 PO qod bid #10025 days

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In a civil lawsuit, the party that brings the action is called:Plantiff
Which catagory covers drugs with a currently accepted medical use in the United States that also have high potential for abuse?Schedule 2
A pharmacy must order Schedule 2 drugs using DEA form:222
Which of the following drug classifications should be taken with food or milk to avoid stomach distress?NSAID's
For what condition is Actonel indicated?Osteoporosis