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Question Answer
Developmental TheoryCrime is a dynamic process, influenced by social experiences and individual characteristics
Life Course TheoryPart of Developmental theory-focuses on changes in criminality over the life course.
Adolescent limitedAntisocial behavior peaks in adolescene then diminshes
Life Course PersisterSmall group of offenders who's delinquency carries into adulthood
Covert PathwaysBegins with minor underhanded behavior that leads to property damage, eventually escalates to more serious criminality.
Social Developments ModelDevelopmental theory attributing delinquent behavior patterns to childhood socialization and pro or anti social attachments over the life course.
Latent TraitsA stable feature, characteristic, condition that makes the person with it delinquent prone over the life course.
Overt Pathwaysescalation of aggressive acts beginning with aggresstion, leading to physical fighting, and finally violence.
Turning PointsCritical life events such as careers and marriage that enable adult offenders to desist from delinquency.