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Question Answer
Live in Poverty?34 million or 12% of Americans
Culture of PovertyOscar Lewis, Lower class people form a seperate culture with their own values and norms which sometimes conflict with conventional society.
Cultural TransmissionCultural norms/values that are passed down from one generation to the next. Like in gangs
Strain TheoryDelinquincy due to being locked out of economic life.
Collective EfficacyMutual trust/willingness to intervene in the supervision of children and maintenance of public order.
Differential AssociationSutherland. If the pro delinquency definitions juveniles have learned outweigh the anti delinquency definitions, juve's will be vulnerable to choosing criminal behaviors over conventional ones.
SocializationProcess of learning values and norms of society or subculture that one belongs to.
AnomieRobert Murton. When normal means to attain goals is blocked, people just take it.
Neutralization TechniquesSykes and Matza. Techniques used to justify their behavior when it violates accepted social rules/norms.
Labeling TheoryLabeling youths as delinquents, thereby stigmatizing them and encouraging them to accept this as a personal identity.
Self-Fulfilling ProphecyDeviant behavior patterns that are a response of an earlier labeling experience.
DeinstitutionalizationRemoving juve's from adult jails and putting them in community based programs to avoid stigmatization.
Restorative JusticeNon punitive strategies for dealing with juve's that make the justice system a healing process and not a punishment process.