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Concepts surrounding Jevinile Delinquency.


Free WillYouth are in charge of their own destinies and are free to make their own choices.
UtilitarianPeople who believe that people weigh the benifits and consequences of their future actions before actually doing it.
Classical CriminologySays that people weigh the benifits/consequences. So to deter crime the punishment of a crime must outweigh the benefit. Leads to punishments based on seriousness of crime.
Jack KatzKids chose delinquency because it can probide the excitement some kids crave. (author?)
Routine Activities TheoryDeveloped by Cohen and Felson. The volume and distribution of predatory crime are influneced by 3 variables- 1.The LACK OF CAPABLE GUARDIANS 2.Avilability of SUITABLE TARGETS, and 3.the presence of MOTIVATED OFFENDERS.
General DeterrenceCrime policies that depend on fear of criminal penalties. Aim is to CONVINCE law violators that the pain outweighs the benefit.
Specific DeterrenceTheory saying if offenders are punished severely, the experience will convince them not to repeat the illegal act.
Criminal AtavismLombroso. Idea that delinquents have physical anomalies making them biologically and psysiologically similar to our primitive ancestors
Biosocial TheoryView that both thought and behavior have biological and social bases
Social Learning THeoryView that behaviors modeled through observation-either directly through contact with others or indirectly through media. Interactions that are rewarded are copied, while those that are punished are avoided.
Arousal TheoryAgression is a function of the level of an individual's need for stimulation or arousal from the environment.