Juvenile Delinquency

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Section 1

Question Answer
operationalizationdefinition of concepts on the basis of how many they are measured
applied researchaddressing immediate policy problems
methodological narcissismmethods for methods sake
replicationrepetition of experiments or studies utilizing the same methodology
dependent variableone is attempting to predict (outcome) Y
independent variablecauses, determines or precedes in time (predictor) X
paradigm shift new model , prototype revolutionary scheme something we follow
shield lawsstate guaranteed rights to confidentiality for researchers if subpoenaed
maturationbiological or psychological changes in respondents during course of study

Section 2

Question Answer
instrumentationchanges in measuring instruments observation, surveys,questioners
placebo effecttendency of subjects to react to fake treatment
time series design analysis of a single variable
counterbalanced design manage or control the problem of multiple treatment interference
historyspecific events that may have taken place during the course of the study
hypothesis specific statement
hawthorne effectexample of reactivity resulting in a typical behavior or attitudes as a result of their awareness of being studied
halo effectobserver bias

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