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Jupiter is the _______ planet in the Solar System. biggest
What is the Great Red Spot?It is a giant hurricane-like storm seen for more than 300 years.
What does the Great Red Spot look like?It is red/brown. It is 3 times the diameter of Earth.
What is the atmosphere made of?Mostly hydrogen and helium, similar to the Sun.
What is the surface like? A giant ball of mostly hydrogen and helium.
What is the magnetic field like? It's strong as shit. It traps electrically charged particles in a badass belt and blasts radiation. It will whoop your armour ship's ass.
How long does Jupiter take to complete a rotation on its axis?About 10 hours.
How long does Jupiter take to orbit the Sun?12 Earth years.
How many moons does Jupiter have?63..
What are the 4 main moons of Jupiter's names?Io, Europa, Ganymede, Calisto
What is the temperature range?About 160 to 120 degrees C
Which god was Jupiter named after? The king of gods.

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