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developmenal theory6 adaptive skills
6 adapative skillsSI, cognitive, dyadic, group interaction, self-identity, sexual identity
dyadic skill definitionability to participate in variety of relationships involving one other person
issues in developmental theorydoesnt focus on occupation & takes forever
role acuisition/social skills trainingsame title, different role/relationship for everyone
4 groups of social skillsself experssive, other enhancing, assertive, communication
other enhancing skills means..?compliments, encouragement
phases of social skill trainigmotivation, demonstraction, practice, feedback
drawback of social/role trainingdifferent for everyone and every situation
psychoeducationeducate and reinforce; need to have mental capacity; teach people how you want them to behave
SIdisruption of CNS; treatment=sensory input
cognitive disabilites..tx; drawback;viewdisrupts motor actions; tx= 6 levels; drawbacks= longterm
MOHO definitionhumans have innate drive to explore environemnt
occupational behavior MOHO and chartperson+task+environment........input, throughout, output
can be affected by environment/can affect environemnt....and cannotopen...closed
occupational sciencePFW; activity demands, context, and performance,pattern;least restrictive environment

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DSM edition5th
why OTA needs to know DSMunderstand how it affects life; reimbursment; info on PFW
axis 1,2,3,was grouped together; was 5 axis
anxiety pracitionerencourage to talk about it
depression practitionerlet them talk about it; never agree; set real goals; give choices
mania practiitonerbe aware of manipulation/giving praise
hallucinations pracitionerSI; affirm how it makes them feel and not agree that its real; reassure them
paranoia practiitonerdont whisper; dont come from behind
anger/agreesion/hostility pracititionerbe alert; be direct; dont criticize
seductive behavior/sexual practitionertell them they are behaving wrong; document
cognitive pracitionercalm, clear, concise, concrete, consistent; REPEAT
ADHD practitionerincrease volume; simple instruction
Sexual tx social skill training
depression/anx txsuccessful; relaxation; gradually increase/challenge

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infany diagnosisADD, downs, FAS, Autism
adolescence diagnosisanxiety, depression, eating, bipolar
early adulthood diagnosisaddiction, depression, schiz
middle adulhood diagnosistransitional issues, midlife criss, aldread had depression and anxiety
late adulthood diagnosisdementiak, depression/anxiety