Julias PE Notes

Updated 2008-05-22 22:17

Weight training

Question Answer
isometric"same legnth", pushing immovible object
Isotontic"same resistance", use of free weights
sticking pointpoint at wich mechanical favors are least favorable
isokinetic"same tension", machines that eliminate sticking point, maintaine = tension
concentricmuscle exerts force, shortening to overcome resistance
Eccentricmuscle exerts force, legnthing to overcome resistance
Prime Movermuscle that contracts concentrically in excercise
antagonisticopposite action to prive mover
stabilizerjoints and muscles that don't move during an exercise


Question Answer
overloadmuscles are subjected to larger and larger workloads, lods over 75% of rpm, also called stress adaptation
optimalperfect amount of gain
R.O.M.range of motion, doing an exercise through the full motion (work=force x distance)
specificitythe program contains exercises acourding to outcome and specific muscle groups
variablespain should be in muscle, not joint; an exercise shouod not become boaring; exercises with more rom are better; heavier weights are better; different exercises should be done in a workout; a gradual increase in weight should occur
principlesheavier loads early; multi-muscle workouts early; don't use same muscle in a row; exercises should be paired with reguard to prine mover and agnostic muscles
phosphagenthe main energy scourse in our bodies for short amounts of time, full rest takes 3-5 min.
stimulus? has something to do with the trend nowdays-heavy resistance & near maximum effort
replenishmentphosphagen stores- 30 sec = 50%, 2 min. = 94%, 3-5 min. = 100%


Question Answer
axis of rotationthe joints in a lift
hypertrophyan enlargement in muscle fibers
atrophya decrease in muscle, due to injury or other mistreatment
testosteronemale hormone responsible or muscle growth and hypertrophy
cross sectiondescrobes the makeup of the fibers in muscles


Question Answer
connective tissue?
muscle tonethe state of the muscle when it is relaxed
originthe bone that remains stationary
insertionbone that moves
fast-twitchanaerobic energy production, short periods of time
slow-twitchaerobic, long periods of time


Question Answer
Shuttlecockbirdie, thing that you hit during badmitton
clearhigh deep shots toward the far back of the court
smashshots hit downward toward the floor
dropshot that goes straight at net and falls to the floor right after
battledorechinese and siamese game of early badmiton
Badmitonname of duke of beaufort's estate, from which the modern game gets it's name
drivestraight shot down a sideline or across court
net dropa soft shot hit just hard enough close to the net to make it over then drops
demonstrationwhen a sport is demonstrated at the olimpics (badmiton-munich 1972 + seoul 1988)
exibitionwhen a sport is showed off at the olympics

Team Handball

Question Answer
dynamic? always changing
Scandanavianoriginated in denmark, way to keep soccer players in shape
objectivethrow the ball in the other teams goal using passing + good teamwork
throw-inawarded the the opponent when a team loses the ball out of bounds
six-meter linethe line that marks the goal area/circle
Circlegoal area


Question Answer
tempocontroled by the offensive players in a game of handball
advantage ruleif a team is minorly fouled, but they gain an advantage, the foul is ignored.
penalty throwgiven for personal or serious fouls
free throw linethe nine meter line
free throwgiven for a minor foul
pealty linethe 7 foot line
nine meter linethe free throw line
seven meter linepenalty line

Track and field

Question Answer
decathlon10 events
heptathlon7 events
marathonultimate running event, 26 miles 385 yards; battlefield in greece
exchange zonewhere baton is handed off in a relay
trail legleg behind the lead leg over hurdles
vertical jumpshigh jump + long jump
glideshot put thowing manuver
hitch kickrunning motion in mid air; long jump
straddlehigh jump type
Fosburyhigh jump type; run in J and arch your back over the bar
pentathlon5 events
Phidippides1st marathon runner; ran to athens to announce the victory over the persians
acceleration zonerunning start by relay handoff
lead leglst leg over the hurdles
horizontal jumpslong jump + triple jump
aerodynamicjavelin was altered to go shorter; how well an object moves through the air in reguard to resistance
spindiscus + hammer thow manuver
sailreverse C; long jump
sissors high jump


Question Answer
rectangularfield shape
goal kickgiven to defense goalie to kick out of goal box when offensive team kicks it over the end line
offsideswhen an offensive player is behind the last defender
direct free kickgiven for a major foul or one inside of the goal box
defenderdeffensive player
throw inwhen the ball goes out of bounds on the side; opposite team throws in
corner kickwhen the defender kicks the ball over the endline
indirect free kickgiven for a minor foul
attackeroffense with the ball

Folk dances

Question Answer
Ais Georgis(st. george) Greece
Alunelul(hazel nut) Romania
Mayum(rain/water dance) Israel
Ali Pasa(governor) Turkey
Korabushka(peasants/royalty) Russia
Hora(national dance) Israel
Cit Cit(onomatopoeia) Turkey
Man-in-the-Hay(square dance) Germany


Question Answer
roundhousetype of serve in volleyball
foot faultservers foot comes over the end line
spikeoffensive; downward hit
blockdeffensive; reach across net to block ball
bumphit, lifts ball up with heel of hands
free ballany other hit than a spike
tipsodt offensive shot over block
10' lineline back players cannot spike in front of
topspintype of serve
setdone with fingertips or heel of hand
right backserver


Question Answer
propprevent ball from leaving scrum via tunnel
hookeronly front row player that can strike for the ball in a scrum
lockguides ball back to forward and scrum half
scrumtakes place for an infringement of the rules; ball put in by non-offending team on the loose-head side (left side)
scrum halfputs ball in scrum; initiates attack
ruckwhen player releases ball
maulstand up tackle
tryequivalent to touchdown; 5 points
knock-onwhen ball is dropped forward & no advantage is gained by other team
initiatestart the game
infringementbreaking of the rules


Question Answer
knattleikrold norse version of lacross
crosierbishops staff
domananthand that is placed at the top of the lacross stick
perpetuatesustianed action
algonquinindians that were observed by Pierre Francois Xavier playing baggataway
baggatawayindian version of lacross
cradlingvertical swinging movement that matches player feet
creasecircle around lacross goal (8 1/2 feet)