Judaeo-Christian influences on religious philosophy

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What is a good word to call Jews and Christians?Monotheists.
What is cited by Christians and Jews as a basis for the idea of God as a creator?Genesis 1-3.
Why do(es) the writer(s) of Genesis not have an argument for the existence of God?Because He is assumed to pre-exist.
In what type of creation do Jews and Christians believe, and what does this mean?Creation ex nihilo, meaning out of nothing.
What do Jews and Christians believe is the only thing necessary to create the universe?God's will.
What is a word to mean 'the will of God'?Logos.
Where in the Bible is God described as an expert builder?Job 38.
What three things does transcendent mean?Distinct from the world and the limitations of time and space, having no need of the world, and incomprehensible.
What term alludes to the absolute distinction of God from humans?'The ontological distinction'.
What action primarily suggests God's omnipotence?The creation of the universe.
What do most philosophers agree about God, and what is certainly not unanimous?That 'God' rules over all things, and that He can do all things.
What are three things that believers think God can't do, and why not?Make 2+2=5, make charity morally wrong, make murder morally right or violate human freedom, and because then God's nature would be contradictory.
What is an alleged contradiction in Genesis involving animals?That in Genesis 1 animals are created before humans, but in Genesis 2 it is the other way round.
What is a refutation against the alleged claim of contradiction in Genesis involving animals?That the word 'formed' in 'formed every beast of the field' in Genesis 2 of the King James Bible, is translated from a Hebrew word which is both the preterite and pluperfect form of the verb.
In Genesis 2 and 3, from what does everything stem, and as opposed to what?Divine intervention, and chance, respectively.
How is God's omniscience indicated in the creation story, and who suggested this?In the fact that he created the world 'ex nihilo', and so everything that existed in the world must have previously existed in His mind, and St. Thomas Aquinas.
What is a Biblical passage speaking of God's omnipresence, and from where is it? (QUOTE)"The eyes of the LORD are in every place, watching the evil and the good," and Proverbs 15.
What is the Deist concept?That God created the world and then buggered off/ ceased to involve himself in it.
Most believers are not Deists and believe that God is instead a ...Sustainer.
What do some cite as evidence of God as a sustainer?The continual laws of nature.
Give two reasons why God might have created humans in "His image" and from where does this quotation come?He might have been glorifying Himself, or giving humans the chance to grow more like him, as in the Iranean theodicy, and Genesis 1.
What does Genesis 2 partly attempt to answer?Why God allowed evil to spoil his creation.


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Which dilemma stems from seeing God as the source of human ethics?The Euthyphro dilemma.
What do The Ten Commandments and the destruction of Sodom fundamentally show us about God's nature?He cares about how humans behave.
What shows a not so irrational side to God in the Old Testament?His anger at the neglect of the weak, and his favouring of equality in his creation.
Why do God's actions suggest humans do not have free will?He imposes rules and punishes people who don't follow.
What is the one of the most important means by which Christians see God's goodness?Through his incarnation in Christ.
Which quality, being quite different from 'transcendent', does God possess?Immanence.
What three things does it mean to say God is a personal being?He has knowledge or awareness of people, he acts in the world and he can form relationships with people.
When is a loving side shown to God in the Old Testament?When he blesses Abraham's wife, Sarah, with a son.


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What is arguably the worst thing God did in the Bible?Command Moses and his soldiers to kill all the Midianites except young virgin girls, who presumably they were allowed to rape.
Which Biblical story is often mentioned in conjuction with the Euthryphro dilemma, and in which book is it?The Binding of Isaac, and Genesis.
Which philosopher said we should have absolute faith in God?Søren Kierkegaard
Which side of the Euthyphro dilemma did Plato take?Good is independent of God's will.
Which side of the Euthyphro dilemma did Aquinas take?Good is independent of God's will.
What might be considered a Christian solution to the Euthyphro dilemma?God's love is the source of morality, not his commands.
To Jews, what is the one of the most important pieces of evidence of God's goodness?His covenant with the Jewish people, and the fact he keeps it when people break it.
What is a non-obvious sign in The New Testament that God forgives sins?Jesus heals people, and illness was often connected with wrongdoing in the ancient world.
Which side of the Euthyphro dilemma did Augustine take, and why?Good is dependent on God's will, and because he is perfect.
What might a religious believer call instances when God expresses anger in the Bible or Torah, and what is an example?'Righteous indignation', and the destruction of Sodom.
What is a quotation showing righteous indignation in The New Testament, and from where does it come?"He [Jesus] looked around at them [the Pharisees] in anger," and Mark 3.
What are the five problems raised by speaking of God as 'good'?1. Existence of evil and suffering. 2. Lack of evidence of God intervening in the world. 3. Passages arguably describing a bad God. 4. 'Good' is a human trait. 5. It goes against being unchangeable/ unchanging.

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