Journeys Lesson 2-3 Vocabulary

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Section 1

Question Answer
discomforta minor pain
primitivesomething that is basic or plain and maybe old
interiorthe inside of something
honoredto feel proud to be given special recognition or opportunity
secretiveto be very private and hides information
immersedto give your undivided attention to something
bungledfailing to do something, usually from clumsiness or confusion
contagioussomething that spreads from one person or thing to another
brandishingto carry or wave something around in anger or excitement
imprintedsomething that have an images, shapes or words pressed on it

Section 2

Question Answer
debatea formal public discussion about specific issues
proddedto have strongly encouraged someone to do something
graduallysomething done slowly over a period of time
decoratedsomething that had things added to it to make it more attractive
beckonedto signal someone to join in or to come nearer withb a movement of the hand or head
scannedto look at something closely
inflatedto filled something and expanded it with air
stalledsomething has come to a stop unexpectedly
shakento be emotionally upset by an event
hesitatedto have paused before saying or doing something

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