Journeys Lesson 1 - 12 Vocabulary

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Section 1

Question Answer
specialtyOne type of skill, such as playing football
disturbingLoud noise are disturbing
collapsed.To fall down
squashingTo press down on ssomething
shiftedto move
numbWhen you lose feeling in your body parts
staggeredTo walk unsteadily
struggleTrying with great difficulty to do something
wobbledTo walk unsteadily
interruptedTo bust in and stop someone doing something

Section 2

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discomfortnot relax
primitiveplain and maybe old
interiorinside of something
honoredproud to be given special reconization
secretivetending to keep secret
immersedto involve deeply
bungledto dress warmly
contagiousSpreading by direct or indirect contact
brandishingTo hold on something
imprintedTo make a mark or pattern on a surface by pressing or stamping

Section 3

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debatea discussion or consideration os the argumaents for and against something
proddedTo stir to action
graduallyOccurring in small stages or degrees, or by even, continuous change
decoratedTo furnish with somethiing attractive, beautiful, or striking
beckonedTo signal as by nodding or waving
scannedTo look again
inflatedTo fill up with something usually fill balloon with air
stalledTo slow down or to stop something
shakenTo make unsteady
hesitatedTo be slow to act, speak, or decide

Section 4

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competitionA test of skill or ability, a contest
routineThings that you usually do ( every day )
elementA part of whole
intimidatedTo fill with fear
unisonAt the same time
reciteTo repeat or say aloud
qualifyingTo make eligible
uniformA thing that you wear to school or something that is the same
masteredTo be a PRO!

Section 5

Question Answer
opponentsa person that opposes another in a battle
brutalcruel or harsh
supposedlyit is thought to be true without having proof that it is true
gorgeousbeautiful or graceful
embarrasedfeel ashamed and uncomfortable
obvious easy to see or notice
typicallyin the usual way
preliminarycomes before the final or main event
sweeping movement or action covers a wide space or range
officially is to do it with proper consent or in an authorized way

Section 6

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dwarfed a living thing much below normal size
presenceto be present in a place or thing
procedurea medical treatment or operation
outfitted has benn provided with special equipment
transferred to move to a different place
calculateto find (a number, answer, etc.) by using mathematical processes
snugtight and close-fitting
percha place where an animals sits or rest and is usally high and narrow
enthusiasticfeeling or showing strong excitement about something

Section 7

Question Answer
rompis energetic playing
strainedworked as hard as possible, either physically or mentally.
picturingsomething is forming a mental image of it
wheeledit turn quickly or suddenly
shoulderedsomething is to have placed a weight on one's shoulders or to have accepted a burden or responsidility
franticmaking a sudden forward movement
checkinga person or thing is limiting or controlling the person or thing
stridethe rhythm of one's walking or the length of one's steps
boundingleaping at a fast pace

Section 8

Question Answer
conservingsomething is using it carefully so as not to waste it, use it all, or harm it
restoreto return to an original state
regulateto control or direct according to rules
vegetationthe plant life in an area
endangeredgoing to extinctor die out
responsibilityduty or job
attractedsomething is to have your attention and intrest drawn to it
adapteda certian purpose is specially designed for that purpose
uniquethe only one of its king
guardianare people who protect or take care of other

Section 10

Question Answer
resembleto look like someone or something
detectingsomething means discovering that it exists or is present

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