Josie Chavez- Medieval Japan Vocabulary

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Question Answer
Clansextended families
Shintothe traditional religion of Japan.
Prince Shotokuone of Japan's greatest leaders .
Regenta person who rules a country for someone who is unable to rule alone.
Courta group of nobles who live near and serve or advise a ruler.
Zena form of Buddhism.
Lady Murasaki Shikibua noble and a servant to the Empress Akiko.
Unprecedentedhaving no equal
Equestrianrelated to horses
Musteredgathered together
Brocadesrich cloths with designs woven into them.
Cormorantslarge diving birds
Inferioritylower rank
DaimyoJapan's large landowners.
Samuraitrained professional warriors.
Figureheada person who appears to rule even though real power rests with someone else.
Shoguna general who ruled Japan in the emperor's name.
Bushidothe sumari code of rules.
Coronetssmall crowns


What is Shinto?: Shinto is the traditional religion of Japan.
What was the unit of political life in early Japan?: Clans or extended family.
Where did Japan's court move to?: They moved to Heian (Kyoto).
What are the two forms of Buddhism?: One form is Pure Land Buddhism and the other is called Zen.
What wa Bushido?: Bushido was a sumari code of rules that included loyalty and honor.
Who invaded Japan in the 1270s and 1280s?: Kublai Khan and the Mongol army invaded Japan.
What strong leaders worked to unify Japan in the late 1500s?: The two leaders were Oda Nobunaga and Tokugawa Leyasa.