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solar system

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Planet Order from the SunMercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune
about mercuryclosest to the sun and very hot
uranusvery cold, also known as the ice planet
jupiterthe largest planet


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If you place a checker on your elbow and try to catch it with that same hand, what force do you need to beat in order to catch it before it hits the groundgravity
What type of scientist studies motionphysicist
Which law of motion says that it is harder to move something with a larger masslaw 2
What is weightThe force of gravity on an object
A heavy rock is on the ground in the middle of your yard. When will the rock movewhen a force acts on it
A push or pull is the definition of whatforce
Forces create whatmotion
Why is it easier to slide your feet across ice than gravelless friction
What is Massthe amount of matter in an object