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Four Regulatory AgenciesDOT, FAA, NTSB, and TSA
What does the FAA regulate?US Aviation infrastructure, Air Safety and Air Commerce, and Air Traffic Control.
What does TSA oversee?Security of the US public transportation system.
What does DOT govern?All forms of transportation in the US and Appoints an Administrator of the FAA to handle aviation affairs.
What does the NTSB investigate?Transporatation Accidents and makes recommendations for changes based on accident investigations

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What is turbulence?Bumpy Air
What can cause turbulence?*Weather Changes *Wakes from another AC *Aircraft Maneuvers
What are the degrees of turbulence?Smooth, Light chop, Light Turbulence, Moderate Chop, Moderate Turbulence, and Severe Turbulence
What is expected Turbulence?Capt gives FAs a briefing on expected turbulence by interphone
What is Limited Turbulence?Seat belt sign is on and capt will make a PA for FAs to stow carts and take their seats
What is No Warning Turbulence?Seatbelt Sign is on and Capt will make a PA for FAs to take their seats immediately
FAs responsibilities for Expected Turbulence?Secure Passengers ad Cabin, Take Jump Seats per capts direction and fasten harness securely, make PA to PAX to be seated and fasten seatbelts
FAs responsibilities for Limited Turbulence?FA 1 makes PA to PAX to remain seated with seat belts fastened, Immediately stow carts, perform seat belt compliance check if safe to do so , take jumpseats
FAs responsibilities for No Warning Turbulence?Immediately take first available seat, passenger seat if necessary and fasten seat belt, if no seat available sit on floor and hold onto stationary object, do not do compliance checks and stow carts, first FA to strap into jumpseat will make PA

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How should an FA respond to a Fire/Smoke Detector Alarm in LAV?If PAX is in the LAV let them know you are coming in, Assess door with back of hand to make sure the door isnt warm, get extinguisher and PBE, crack door slightly and spray then close repeat as necessary.
What is Torching and where can it occur?Its is a sudden burst of fire coming from the engine APU exhaust duct when excessive fuel is present at the time of ignition.
Torching usually happens on the ?Ground
If torching occurs Notify the captain immediately let him know the location and duration of burning, keep PAX calm
How long will torching last15-30 seconds
Torching is not normally A cause for evacuation
When would you evacuate an AC for Torching?IF it Spreads

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How do you handle Air Leaks?Notify the Captain, Do not place anything in the source of the Air Leak, If the leak is coming from a door , do not touch the door or door handle, Move PAX and CMs away from the air leak unless otherwise advised by the capt
Give two examples of Rejected Take off1. There is an AC malfunction that is indicated on the flight deck instrument panel 2. An obstacle may be on the runway
Why would Fuel Dumping take place?1. AC needs to land before it reaches its destination and is considered overweight for landing. 2. Minimize the risk off fire during an emergency landing.
FA responsibility for Feul DumpingNotify Flight deck if an odor of fuel is detected and let PAX know that this is normal.
FA procedures for Emergency deplanning at Gate?. Deplanning use the jetbridge or ramp
FA procedures of an Emergency Evacuation at Gate?Use slides
Brace for Impact CommandBrace for Impact repeat until you hear the captain say evacuate or signal
Initiation EvacuationOpen Seat Belts Get out Leave everything
Protected PositionPut hand forward use International Stop Sign
Emergency Evacuation Command 2Come this way leave everything
Assigning assistance at Bottom of slideHelp at Bottom Help at Bottom
Assess and if its safe to exit plane commandJump and Slide Jump and Slide Leave everything

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How to handle condensation in Airplane and Pax concerns?Notify the Flight deck and reassure PAX that it is normal
What is Armed?Physical connection of the girt to exit
What is disarmed?detaching evacuation slide from the exit door
What is girt bar?Metal Bar
What is girt bar brackets?where you attach girt bar
what is girt flap/slide girt?Non inflatable girt bar slide together
What is slide container?houses the slide
What must you do if you have to manually activate slide?Use the Manual evacuation Red handle
Where is the manual evacuation red handle?It is located on top of the slide girt
If the captian says evacuate evacuate right side doors what does that mean?It means avoid right side doors and use the left (opposite doors)

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What is the first step FAs would take if the slide container fails to open when operating a door exit in armed mode?Rock Door
Procedure for when slide deflated early in the evacuation with people waiting?6 Man technique
Procedure to follow when a slide pack partially OR completely falls out of its container during flightNotify captain, keep are clear from PAX, gather everything carefully and put in LAV and Lock.
Procedure if a slide should a accidently inflate inside the cabinNotify Captain and deflate it put against the door use other doors to exit, all should do an arm report