John's Class Final Test

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Question Answer
They will have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 pizza.1. Bacon 2. Turkey 3. Cheddar cheese 4. Black olives 5. Garlic
마리아는 어떤 음료수를 마시나요?Maria is having a V8.
제인은 어떤 음료수를 마시나요?Jane is having a Diet Coke.
Would you mind i- w- g- t- t-- b--- o- t-- o-- w-- t- t-- d--------- s----?Would you mind if we do th the bank on the our way to the department store?
Jane g-- i- l--- or Jane q----- u- to talk to the bank teller.Jane got in line or Jane queued up to the bank teller.
Hans is a b--- o------ in charge of f------ c-------.Hans is a bank officer in charge of foreign currency.
Who is Jane's ex-husband?He is Michael.
Who is Jane's son?He is Daivid.
Who is Jane's younger sister?She is Margaret
Michael p--------- and v------- a------ Jane.Micheal physically and verbally abused Jane.
Police a------- him and he went to prison Police arrested him and he went to prison
Sometimes she _____ her hair.filps
Jane, are you s_____ anysone s______?Jane, are you seeing anyone special?
BYOBBring Your Own Beverage(Booze)
RSVPPlease reply
How did Hans can get Maria's phone number?He got it from her bank information.
May be, some candy, cookies or potato chips. -> BritishPerhaps, a bag of sweets, biscuits or crisps.
Maria: I k--- g--- c---- pizza b-----.I know good cheap pizza buffet.
Another things ( O / X)X
other things ( O / X )O
Maria is little c--. coy
Who is Maria's ex-fiance?Raul
Who is Jane's older sister?Barbara
What is columbia currencyPeso
L------ d-------- <세제>Laundry detergent
How old is Jane's son?He is nearly six years old.
Where Jane's son lives now?He lives with her older sister, Barbara, in Jamaica.
Maria lives in t--- h---- in P----- on the r-- l--- t------ A------.Maria lives in town house in Porter on the red line towards Alewife.
Hans lives in L--- W--- on the g---- l--- t------ R-------- between F----- and B-------- V------.Hans lives in Long Wood on the green line towards Riverside between Fenway and Brookline Village.
Jane lives in C-------- on the o----- l---.Jane lives in Chinatown on the orange line.
My best friend will be coming on vacation in two weeks. (British)My best mate will be arriving on holiday in a fortnight.
He is coming by airplane, and we will meet him at the airport. (British)He is arriving by aeroplane, and we will meet him on his arrival.
He will be staying at our apartment in downtown of the city because it has an elevator. (British)He will be staying at over flat in the centre of the city as it has a lift.
Mom has prepare black tea and muffins, his favorites. (British)Mum has prepared Enlgish tea and crumpets, his favourites.
Mom will make a special salad with egg plant and zucchini for dinner. (British)Mum will make a special aubergin and courgette for supper.
We have prepared a trip to the theater and are looking forward ro seeing him. (British)We have prepared a trip to the theatre and are anxiously awaiting his arrival.
Hans Klein's vocation is (1) and avocation is (2).(1) Bank officer (2) Personal fitness trainer
<reported speech> (1)can (2)may (3)must (4)tomorrow (5)here (6)this(1)could (2)might (3)had to (4)the next day (5)there (6)that

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