Joaquin Santana Medieval Japan Vocabulary

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Question Answer
What is a clan?A clan is an extended family
What is Shinto?It is the traditional Japanese religion.
What is a regent?A regent is a person who rules a country for someone who is unable to rule alone.
What is a court?A court is a group of nobles who live near and service or advise a ruler.
Who was Lady Murasaki Shikibu?One of the greatest writers in early Japanese history.
What is Zen?It is a new form of Buddhism arrived from China.
What does unprecedented mean?It means having no equal.
What does equestrian mean?It means related to horses.
What does mustered mean?It means gathered together.
What are brocades?Brocades are rich clothes with designs woven into them.
What are cormorants?Cormorants are large diving birds.
What does inferiority mean?It means lower rank.
What does brace mean?It means pair.
What does repast mean?It means meal
What does unpretentious mean?It means simple; modest.
What are coronets?Crones are small crowns.
How isolated was Japan?It was only about 100 miles from Korea and 400 miles from China so it wasn't too isolated.
What did China and Korea influence?They influenced Japanese language, philosophy, and religion. (just to name a few)
What did nobles love to wear?They loved to wear elaborate outfits.
What did they value?They valued literature, fashion, visual art, architecture, and performing arts.
How did religion for the nobles differ from the religion for the common people?The nobles were able to have elaborate events because they had enough money. On the other hand, the common people didn't afford the elaborate events.
How was the relationship between the daimyo and the samurai?The samurai was to defend their lord's, the daimyo, property.
Who invaded Japan in the 1270s and the 1280s?The Mongols

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