Jimmy Johns Sandwiches

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Section 1

Question Answer
Slim 1ham, cheese
Slim 2roast beef
Slim 3tuna
Slim 4turkey
Slim 5vito, cheese
Slim 62 cheese

Section 2

Question Answer
#1 The Pepemayo, tomato, lettuce, ham, cheese
#2 Big Johnmayo, tomato, lettuce, roast beef
#3 Totally Tunatomato, cucumber, lettuce, tuna
#4 Turkey Tommayo, tomato, lettuce, turkey
#5 Vitotomato, lettuce, onion, sauce, herbs, vito, cheese
#6 Vegetarianmayo, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, cheese, avocado, cheese
J.J.B.L.T.mayo, tomato, lettuce, 5 bacon

Section 3

Question Answer
#7 Gourmet Smoked Ham Clubmayo, tomato, 2 ham, cheese, lettuce
#8 Billy Clubmayo, tomato, roast beef, Dijon, ham, cheese, lettuce
#9 Italian Night Clubmayo, tomato, vito, ham, cheese, lettuce, onions, sauce, herbs
#10 Hunters Clubmayo, tomato, 2 roast beef, cheese, lettuce
#11 Country Clubmayo, tomato, turkey, ham, cheese, lettuce
#12 Beach Clubmayo, tomato, cucumber, turkey, cheese, avocado, cheese, lettuce
#13 Gourmet Veggie Clubmayo, tomato, cucumber, 4 cheese, avocado, lettuce
#14 Bootleggermayo, tomato, roast beef, turkey, lettuce
#15 Club Tunatomato, cucumber, tuna, 2 cheese, lettuce
#16 Club Lulumayo, tomato, 5 bacon, turkey, lettuce
#17 Ultimate Porkermayo, tomato, 5 bacon, ham, lettuce
The J.J. Gargantuanmayo, tomato, vito, ham, beef, turkey, cheese, lettuce, onions, sauce, herbs

Section 4

Question Answer
Which sandwiches do NOT come with mayo?Slims, Tuna, #5 Vito
The Billy Club is the ONLY sandwich with this ingredient:Dijon
Every sandwich (except the slims) has these ingredients:tomato, lettuce
The only sandwiches with avocado are#6 Vegetarian, #12 Beach Club, #13 Gourmet Veggie Club

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