Jimmy Johns Sandwiches

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Section 1

Question Answer
Slim 1ham, cheese
Slim 2roast beef
Slim 3tuna
Slim 4turkey
Slim 5vito, cheese
Slim 62 portions of cheese
Slim Bacon5 slices of bacon

Section 2

Question Answer
#1The Pepe- mayo, tomato, lettuce, ham, cheese
#2Big John- mayo, tomato, lettuce, roast beef
#3Totally Tuna- tomato, cucumber, lettuce, tuna
#4Turkey Tom- mayo, tomato, lettuce, turkey
#5Vito- tomato, lettuce, onion, sauce, herbs, vito meat, cheese
#6Vegetarian- mayo, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, cheese, avocado, cheese
J.J.B.L.T.mayo, tomato, lettuce, 5 slices bacon

Section 3

Question Answer
#7Gourmet Smoked Ham Club- mayo, tomato, 2 portions of ham, cheese, lettuce
#8Billy Club- mayo, tomato, roast beef, Dijon, ham, cheese, lettuce
#9Italian Night Club- mayo, tomato, vito meat, ham, cheese, lettuce, onion, sauce, herbs
#10Hunters Club- mayo, tomato, 2 portions of roast beef, cheese, lettuce
#11Country Club- mayo, tomato, turkey, ham, cheese, lettuce
#12Beach Club- mayo, tomato, cucumber, turkey, cheese, avocado, cheese, lettuce


Question Answer
#13Gourmet Veggie Club- mayo, tomato, cucumber, 4 portions of cheese, avocado, lettuce
#14Bootlegger- mayo, tomato, roast beef, turkey, lettuce
#15Club Tuna- tomato, cucumber, tuna, 2 portions of cheese, lettuce
#16Club Lulu- mayo, tomato, 5 slices bacon, turkey, lettuce
#17Ultimate Porker- mayo, tomato, 5 slices bacon, ham, lettuce
The J.J. Gargantuanmayo, tomato, vito meat, ham, beef, turkey, cheese, lettuce, onions, sauce, herbs

Section 4

Question Answer
What are the Slims?Slim 1,2,3,4,5, and 6
What are the Subs?1 The Pepe, 2 Big John, 3 Totally Tuna, 4 Turkey Tom, 5 Vito, 6 Vegetarian, and the JJBLT
What are the Clubs?7 Gourmet Smoked Ham Club, 8 Billy Club, 9 Italian Night Club, 10 Hunters Club, 11 Country Club, 12 Beach Club, 13 Gourmet Veggie Club, 14 Bootlegger, 15 club tuna, 16 club lulu, 17 ultimate porker, and the JJ Gargantuan
Which sandwiches do NOT come with mayo?All of the slims, #3 Totally Tuna, #5 Vito, and #15 Club Tuna
The Billy Club is the ONLY sandwich with this ingredient:Dijon
Every sandwich (except the slims) has these ingredients:tomato and lettuce
#6 Vegetarian, #12 Beach Club , and #13 Gourmet Veggie Club are the only sandwiches with:avocado