Jimmy Johns menu

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Question Answer
Slim pepeHam, cheese
Slim johnroast beef
Slim tunatuna
slim tomturkey
slim veggie2 portions cheese
slim bacon5 slices of bacon
#1 The PepeMayo, Tomato Lettuce, Ham, Cheese
#2 Big johnMayo, Tomato, Lettuce Roast beef
#3 Totally TunaTomato, cucumber, Lettuce, Tuna
#4 Turkey TomMayo, Tomato,Lettuce, Cucumber, Turkey
#5 VitoTomato, Lettuce, Onion, Sauce, Herbs, Vito Meat, Cheese
#6 VegetarianMayo,Tomato,Cucumber,Lettuce, Chesse, Avocado,Chesse
J.J.B.L.TMayo,Tomato,Lettuce, Bacon (5 silces)
#7 Gourmet Smocked Ham Clubmayo, tomato,2 portions ham,chesse,Lettuce
#8 Billy clubMayo, Tomato,Roast beef, Dijon, Ham, Cheese, lettuce
#9 Italian Night ClubMayo,Tomato,Vito Meat,Ham,Cheese,Lettuce,Onions,Sauce, Herbs
#10 Hunter's ClubMayo,Tomato,2 portions roast beef, Cheese, lettuce
#11 Country ClubMayo, Tomato, Turkey, Ham, Chesse, Lettuce
#12 Beach ClubMayo, Tomato,Cucumbers, turkey, cheese, Avocado, cheese, Lettuce,
#13 Gourmet Veggie ClubMayo, tomato, Cucumber, 4 portions cheese, avocado, lettuce,
#14 Bootlegger ClubMayo, Tomato, roast beef, turkey, Lettuce
#15 Club TunaTomato,cucumber,Tuna,2 portions cheese,lettuce,
#16Club Lulu Mayo,Tomato, Bacon (5 slices), Turkey, Lettuce
#17 Ultimate PorkerMayo, Tomato, bacoon (5 slices), Ham, Lettuce
The JJ's Gargantuanmayo, Tomato, Vito meat, Ham, Beef, Turkey, Chesse, lettuce, Onions, Sauce, Herbs