Jed Mulipola Medival Japan

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Question Answer
ClansExtended families
ShintoTraditional religion of Japan
Prince ShotokuServed as a regent from 593 to 621
RegentPerson who rules a country for someone who is unable to rule alone.
CourtGroup of nobles who live near & serve or advise a ruler
Lady Muraski ShikibuOne of the greatest writters in Japan
ZenNew form of Buddhism arrived form China
DaimoJapan's large landowners
SmuraiTrained professional warriors
FigureheadPerson who appears to rule even though real power rests with someone else
ShogunFeneral who ruled Japan in the emperor's name
BushidoThe samurai code of rules
UnprecentedHaving no equal
EquestrianRelated to horses
MusteredGathered together
BrocadesRich cloths with designs woven into them
CormorantsLarge diving birds
InferiorityLower rank
UnpretentiousSimple; modest
CoronetsSmall crowns
What percent of Japan's land is flat?20%
What has been a key part to a Japaneese diet?Seafood
What is structure?The way something is set up or organized
What is kami?Goddess of the sun
By what year did the Yamato rulers extend their control over Hondhu?By the 500s
What did women wear in Japan?A long gown made of 12 layers of colored silk.
What was the name of the book that Lady Muraski Shikibu wrote?The Tale of Genji
What wre the 2 different types of buddhism?Pure Land Buddhism & Zen
What was the order of samurai society?Peasants, samurai, daimyo, shogun, then emperor
What are values?Ideas that people hold dear & try to live by
Who invaded Japan?The mongols
Who were the two leaders?Oda Nobunaga and Tokogawa leyasu
By the 1400s who lost most of their authority?Shoguns
Who was China's emperor that sent the mongols?Kublai Khan
What were the most popular art forms of the period?Painting, caligraphy, & architecture