Jazz - Chapter 9

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Ornette ColemanAlto saxophonist; Free jazz; Many famous musicians took influence from seeing him
The Five SpotOrnette Coleman debuted free jazz here and started the movement
Characteristics of the album Free JazzSolidified free jazz; featured a double quartet stereo mix seperated by left and right
HarmolodicsOrnette's way of focusing on melodic development; Mixture of harmony, motion, and melody

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Cecil TaylorPianist; Explosive nad aggressive; free jazz
Sun RaPianist; Bandleader; Avant Garde/Free Jazz
Myth Science ArkestraSun Ra's band; Hodgepodge of every style; Heavily visual; Cosmic themes
Art Ensemble of Chicago60's music cooperative; Led by Lester Bowie; had up to 500 instruments
AACM60's music cooperative; Led by painist Muhal Abrams; high energy; african
Why did music cooperatives come about?Free jazz was emerging in inner cities which encouraged large amounts of musicians to come together

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Miles Davis Second QuintetMiles' quartet after several personell changes; Had avant-garde and hard bop influences; Many changes in tempo, mood, and form
Bitches BrewMiles Davis album; First fusion album; recorded days after Wildstock; Brought together jazz and rock culturally
Wayne ShorterTenor saxophonist and composer; Played in Miles' second quintet

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John Coltrane's early careerDiamond in the rough; picked up drug habit; went into depression; spiritual reawakening; Flourished in Monk's group; Made albums and rejoined Davis group
MultiphonicsPlaying more than one note at a time on a wind instrument
Sheets of soundJohn Coltrane solo technique; using virtuosity to break free of rhythm
Giant StepsJohn Coltrane album that displayed innovative improvisation techniques
John Coltrane QuartetJohn Coltrane's group that featured power and explosiveness and indian religious influences
A Love SupremeModal jazz album heavily layered by spirituality
John Coltrane's final yearsWent into free jazz and avant garde; released Ascension and more albums, died of liver cancer

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Tony WilliamsStarted the first true fusion trio, Lifetime
Herbie HancockStarted with Miles Davis and later broke to form avant-garde sextet
Weather ReportFounded by Wayne Shorter and Josef Zawinul; Started as fusion jazz and went into poppier sounds;
Jaco PastoriousBass virtuoso for Weather Report
Heavy WeatherWeather Report's biggest album, has "Birdland"
John McClaughlinGuitarist; Founded Mahavishnu Orchestra; had international flair
Chick CoreaFounded Retun To Forever
Return To ForeverJazz fusion band that eventually evolved into progressive rock with concept albums

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Lonely WomanOrnette Coleman Quarter; The Shape of Jazz to Come; Inspired by painting; Free jazz
NonaahArt Ensemble of Chicago; Free jazz; Pointillistic; Roscoe Mitchell composer
FootprintsMiles Davis Quintet; Miles Smiles; Wayne Shorter composition; ostinato bass line; impressionistic blues; avant garde
Bitches BrewMiles Davis and his Band; Fusion; Revolutionary; effects on horn
Giant StepsJohn Coltrane Quartet; Benchmark in improv skills; constantly shifting key centers, Musical mt. Everest
AcknowledgementJohn Coltrane; A Love Supreme; spiritual; ostinato; multiphonics; altissmo register
PalladiumWeather Report; Fusion; Wayne Shorter composition; Heavy Weather; staccato;

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