Jazz Chapter 6

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Question Answer
King Porter StompBenny Goodman Orchestra; Swing; Written by Jelly Roll Morton; Bunny Trumpet solo; Benny on clarinet; Call and response
Good Enough To KeepBenny Goodman Sextet; Swing; Black musicians; Charlie Christian guitar solo
Black, Brown, and Beige, Part IDuke Ellington and His Orchestra; Work song; Homage to African American history;
Take The A TrainDuke Ellington Orchestra; Ellington's theme song; Composed by Billy Strayhorn; Ellington on piano;
Body And SoulColeman Hawkins; Sold well and established him as tenor sax superstar; Deviates from main melody; Introduces jazz to building up/pyramidding
Fine and MellowBillie Holiday; Last performance with lester young; Recorded three days before The Sound of Jazz; Blues; Coleman Hawkins

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