Jazz Chapter 10

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Section 1

Question Answer
Jan GarbarekNorweigan saxophonist; ECM Records
Pacquito D'RivieraAlto saxophonist; Latiz jazz; Classical composer
ECM RecordsEdition of Contemporary Music; Started by Manfred Eicher
PostmodernismArt movement about breaking the rules of art
PizzicatoSnapping or plucking of string

Section 2

Question Answer
Digital SamplingUsing digitally recorded sounds or phrases of music within a piece of music
John ZornThe Frank Zappa of jazz; comedic; postmodern; avant garde
Anthony BraxtonMulti-reed player; composer; varied career
Bill FrisellGuitarist; Avant Garde; Harmolodic;
Dave DouglasTrumpeter; Technical skill; wide range of genres

Section 3

Question Answer
M-baseA movement to continue creating new sounds; Macro-basic array of structured extemporization
Acid jazzLondon DJ club scene based on soul jazz
Steve ColemanAlto saxophonist; Led M-Base movement
Gilles PetersonDJ associated with acid jazz
Us3Band that combined hip-hop and jazz; used sampling
Jam bandBands like Cream and Led Zep that jam

Section 4

Question Answer
Medeski, Martin and Wood90's jazz jam band
Joshua RedmanModern saxophinst and composer
Wynton MarsalisLegendary trumpeter and composer; wide range of works; Neo-traditional
Wynton Marsalis conteversyPlaying is seen as deriviative and soulless; criticized legends including miles davis; Kanye of jazz
Neo-traditionalismReturn to old; acoustic instruments; etc.
The Majesty of BluesWynton Marsalis album that used Miles Davis's old sidemen

Section 5

Question Answer
Keith JarretProdigy pianist; Played with Miles Davis, Art Blakey' Jazz Messengers, and attended Berklee
Keith Jarret's American QuartetMade plenty of recordings with group
Keith Jarret's European QuartetThe Belonging Quartet; made plenty of recordings with group
Keith Jarret's solo recordingsUnique for being unrehearsed and improvised with impressive new musical ideas coming from them
Solo Concerts--Bremen and Lausannethree-lp Live recording of two solo piano concerts

Section 6

Question Answer
Michael BreckerStarted Steps Ahead fusion group, mastered electronic wind instrument
Pat Methenyguitarist, taught at berklee at 19
Pat Metheny's musical characteristicsAmericana, folk-like melodies, humble guitar playing
Song XPat Metheny collaborative free jazz album

Section 7

Question Answer
Young Lions60's jazz band that released on self-titled album
Multi-Track RecordingSeperated recording of different sources
Repertory BandsBands intended to playing music of a specific artist or style
Rehearsal BandsBands used for rehearsal for another artist's practice
Maria SchneiderComposer and arranger that started the Maria Schneider Orchestra
Lincooln Center Jazz OrchestraRepertory band

Section 8

Question Answer
Havana CafePaquito D'Rivera; mambo; dissonant harmonies; world/latin jazz
MirrorsDave Douglas; Five; avant garde; pizzicato; combination of traditional and non-traditional
EntruptionGreg Osby; M-base; free jazz, bebop, and funk
The Majesty of the BluesWynton Marsalis Sextet; Neo-traditional; swing rhythm and blues; controversial for relying on old; plunger mute; swampy
Spiral DanceKeith Jarret Belonging Quartet; acoustic; commercial
Itsbynne ReelMichael Brecker; jazz/rock fusion; bluegrass duet
JamesPat Metheny Group; Tin Pan Alley; AABA; Midwestern lyricism; brazilian rhythms

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