Javascript Programming Terms

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ArgumentThe parameters you pass to a function; JS gives you a keyword of the same name which contains them all.
Syntax ParsersReads your code determines if its grammar is valid, and what it is trying to do; your code isn't magic. Someone else wrote a program to translate it for the computer.
WhitespaceInvisible characters that create literal 'space' in your written; carriage returns, tabs, spaces
Free VariableA variable outside of a function you have access to.
Lexical EnvironmentWhere something sits physically in the code you write; meaning having to do with words or grammar. This environment exists in programming languages in which WHERE you write something is important.
Scope TrainLooking for where we have access to a variable
Closure(s)How Private variables can be made possible; JavaScript variables can belong to the local or global scope.
HoistingJavaScript's default behavior of moving declarations to the top; a variable can be declared after it has been used;a variable can be used before it has been declared.

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