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Cricunfrencec=2pir c=pid lenght = cm,m,in,ft,
Area of the squreA=S =L x W =B x H uints, cm, m, ft
Area of retengulA=L x W = B x H uints, cm,in, ft, m
Area of tringelA=1/2 BH base + hight have to meet at 90 degress
Area of prallgramA= B x H base + hight have to mett at 90 degrees uints, cm, in, ft, m
Area of trapizodA=H(B+B) B1 + B2 have to be pralle B+H have to meet at 90 degrees
Area of cricelpir2 uints, cm, in, ft
What is a raubisline segment from the egde the cirecl to center of the cicrel r=1/2d
What is diamterline segment from egde to egde going throgh the center of cricel d=2r
What is a complementray2 4s that when added equl90 degrees
What is a supplementray angel2 4s that when added eqeul 180 degrees
What is a adjaecnt anels2 4s thate are next to each other shareaverx 180 degrees
What is a vertical angel2 4s that are oppiset share the same mesurement
What is vlume of cubevol=L x W x H s3 uints, cm, ft, in,cubic uints