Jason Martinez Medieval Japan Test Questions

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Question Answer
What are clans?extended families
What is Shinto?the traditional religion of Japan
What is a regent?Is a person who rules a country for someone who is sick.
What is a court?A group of nobles who live near and served of advice a ruler
What is Zen?A popular new form of Budism arced from China
What is unprecedented?Having no equal
What is equestrian?Related to horses
What is mustered?Gathered together
What is a brocades?Rich cloths with design woven into them
What is a comortants?Large diving birds
What is a inferiority?Lower rank
What is a daimyo?Japan's largest land owners
What is a samurai?Trained large perfessinal Warriors
What is a figurehead?A person who appears to rule even though real power rest with someone ales
What is a shogun?A general who ruled Japan in the emperors name
What is a Bushido?The saumurai code of rules
Who was Prince Shotoky?One of Japan's greatest leaders
Who was Lady Muraski Shikibu?A noble and a segment to the empress
What is a brace?A pair
What is a repast?A meal
What is a unpretentious?Simple; modest
What is a contents?Small crowns